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  1. I live in Yorkville. I would not like a thrift store or Dollar Store, one is plenty! I would love to see some of the junked up old buildings and houses at the intersection of Goldmine and 101 renovated and turned into a cute antique shop or coffee/ice cream shop. Something that will bring new life to the area, not bring it down. Unfortunately, I think I am one of the few with this vision. It could be such nice little community out here...
  2. See Dr. Lee Amason in Kennesaw. He is a dentist that specializes in TMJ.
  3. Are you the original owner of it? It is VERY hard to file Lemon Law. I found out recently when a brand new vehicle I purchased was in the shop 4 times in 2 months. PM me if you have any questions, I can't really discuss much, but might be able to point you in the right direction
  4. Savannah JOY was truly a joy to all who were blessed to know her!! Heartbroken for her family, friends, and classmates.
  5. He is GREAT!!! He just got my husband's old Craftsman running great again for around $300 rather than buying something brand new for close to $1500!!
  6. I have wanted to go to the Steeple Chase for so long! Have fun and wear a cool hat!!! I ate at Appalachian Grill last night...SO GOOD!!
  7. Great work! I sent him a PM b/c we have a long list of things we need done at our house!!
  8. Sept of 2010 for me!! I did "quit" several times (when I got pregnant with each of my 4 kids) but I always started back after I delivered. My mom has smoked for 55 years and can't breathe and has a horrible cough. I don't want to end up like her struggling for every breath. Even when she gets up to walk to the bathroom or loads the dishwasher, she gets winded. She refuses to go to the doctor and if she found out she has cancer tomorrow, she would not seek any treatment. It is so sad. Occasionally I will crave it if I have a stressful day at work or I am out drinking. But all I have
  9. I have taken Topamax since April 2012. I was getting debilitating migraines 3-4 days every week. Mine were triggered by barometric pressure (which is 100% unavoidable!) and I would get headaches for days before rain would come. Another trigger was aspartame, which I removed from my diet. I started at 25mg and am now at 50mg. The only side effect is that anything carbonated tasted flat, which is no biggie to me b/c I might drink soft drinks 3-4 times per year! I've lost weight, but I was steadily losing before starting the meds. I am now 4lbs from my goal weight and THRILLED!!! I do get the tin
  10. Well in this crappy economy, I have a family to feed! I'll stick with the lower price AND great service!! I don't think the guys come from Virginia to get my trash and the last time I called regarding my service, it was a local number. Someone around here is still getting paid
  11. What's wrong with Waste Industries? I've had them for years and have never had a problem. We moved over the summer and transferred service and they gave us a free month. (I called the small, local companies to get prices and they were all higher) The wheel came off of my can and they are bringing me a replacement on Monday. The service is always great!
  12. Hellmann's and ONLY Hellmann's! Hubby grew on on Duke's and that is just not an option in this house unless he hides a jar of it from me! That stuff in just NASTY!!!
  13. I live in Yorkville and it is not off Goldmine. It seems further away, maybe Cartersville?
  14. Spot Shot. It got RED paint out of mine!!
  15. What is the name of the company? I have a rental house listed with Property Management Experts and have been very pleased with them, they got my house rented very quickly and have handled everything very well since!
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