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  1. I am back in Georgia and happy to be back in my home state. We are over in the Buford area for the IT job market. We are renting for now (no choice). But are happy to be back here. I am working from home right now and will be looking for work in a few months, unless my company keeps me working from home. It was a great run while in Virginia and we did very well financially. It was hard to be up there, but for the long term it was a very good move for the long term. Well I should be posting a bit here and there as I get settled in. Scott Hey Pubby can I cut / scan and paste a
  2. A recent study showed there is a significant amount of fecal material in public pools. I feel a baby is a notable cause of this since they are most likely to pee or poo in anything they are wearing. In or out of a pool. I say keep the kid in the kiddy pool with the kiddy poop.
  3. If my plan goes as I hope it does I will be able to retire in about 10 years.... Work part time for bowling money and chill on the beach.... Now if I can just will the lottery tonight.... then it is game on on Monday morning. LOL Had to post and to see my new Avater
  4. Come on Georgia voters love to tax them self... Go for it...give them the money to spend on...all kinds of crap...lol Love the republican point of view...tax tax and tax...
  5. I like the freezer thing and make total sense. Not sure if I will do that, but I do have a fire resistant safe we keep the important stuff in. I also have a label on it that states there is no money in it and the key is left in the slot. I don't want a thief taking just some papers that are important to me. I just hope he can read if he finds it. LOL
  6. Well all you have to do is take a walk around school and see that a large majority of students are over weight. It has been proven that over weight people have more medical issues are a burden on the medical care system. I say let the fat folks be fat.... they die younger and although cost more during their working years they are still paying for their own medical insurance. Then they also are less likely to collect SS for a long period of time. And no giving them the liposuction crap or by pass surgery because they have a over active fork. And no handicapped parking spots either... make
  7. Were you parked in a handicapped spot? Or taking two spots?
  8. What about the Mom? Shouldn't she be held partially accountable for the actions of her child? Just something to thing about, as I know all of us have seen the tons of bratty and just upset kids in stores and they get that way for some reason and some are the kids fault and I tend to think most are the parents fault. No kid is perfect and no parent is either. But some kids, you can tell are just bratty due to poor parenting and there tends to be more and more of that going around. I would think some serious thought by the mom to bring things to keep the kid occupied and sucking /
  9. The slur was out right wrong,The dip had a few drinks. But gosh dang.... Don't moms know how to deal with kids on a plane? Do they even check into what to do with a kid for the expected ear pain? I fly a lot now and it appears some moms are clue less and when you get what appears to be a spoiled brat on a confined plane. It can get old listening to a crying baby for hours and hours. A crying, bratty baby gets old quick on a plane. I just try to ignore them, but would refuse to sit next to a crying baby or the pain in the arse kid that kicks the back of my chair.
  10. I only hear home owners insurance is very high. Better then Georgia...
  11. Ipad..love it.. I also have a droid phone.. Note 2 I love my apple stuff..
  12. Lets see... We are arse deep in debt and he is letting a tax cut go back to what it was before. Humm complain about spending and someone had to pay for all of it.... Time to pony up your fair share and suck it up. Do people in the south always complain about everything? Oh and we are still supporting the oil companies tax cuts that Bush and republicans still stand in defending. Ask your republican leaders to cut that tax cut will ya?
  13. Well I know one program that needs to go is the earned income credit. No one should get more money back then they pay in. I bet it would save billions if it was eliminated.
  14. I would like them raise the taxes on guns, just like cars tax them to help pay for all the costs they cause. Just like smokers cause increased medical care. Tax guns yearly in taxes to pay for all the injuries, deaths etc that are caused by guns. Gun owners need to help pay for the issues guns cause, just like cigarette tax and alcohol tax. I say 10% of the value a year.
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