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  1. GD wrote: Candidates Electoral votes Vote % Vote count Joe Biden Democratic Party 306 51.4% 81,283,485 Donald Trump Republican Party 232
  2. If you're like me, you wince every time you see someone get a covid shot. The dang thing goes in at least and inch and a half and that has to hurt. But if you look at the person getting the shot, you'll notice they don't flinch at the point of impact at all. So, what makes me an expert? Seems if you're over 65 and happen to show up at the local health department, there's a chance - at least the rest of this week - you can get your first covid vaccine injection. The folks there suggested you show up at 7:30 in the morning and if you're qualified, they'll have you fill out a f
  3. ... and the hating breaking continues. A highly respected Yale historian recently wrote about the two factions of the GOP he called the Breakers and Gamers. It is a really interesting article that defines the Trump faction as breakers who use the power of the bully pulpit to distort reality for fun and profit. The point is that in my opinion, based on observable facts, what we've seen over the past four years is the greatest grift of all time. The other thing I think Citizen Cain was making was it is hard to do business with folks if you don't trust their judgement. From the
  4. Caped There was a fellow named Jim Griffards, if memory serves, who was one of the 'players' in the early ebay. Your post here, reminds me of what Griff, as he was known as moderator on what was the main ebay chat board back in 1997. It was a simple chat, open to everyone and when someone posted something stupid, wrong, libelous or whatever, as the chief mod, he'd just start making chat line entrees in rapid succession and as new entries appeared at the top of the page and old one's dropped off the bottom of the page, that was the prime way to moderate the conversation. He act
  5. I knew that was coming but I didn't expect it from you. Actually, you point to one of the social media manipulation techniques in a typical threaded message board. The rule says that you will win when you distill someone's too long post (like the one I just posted) into whatever meme you want to promote betting on the fact that a majority of people won't read the dang thing. That statistical fact means you can influence the 'majority' with topics of your choice. What they discovered is they can throw out any kind of bs - make stuff up sometimes - because they can. It is kind of lik
  6. GD: All you've done is confirm that there is sin the world. If there was corruption in Georgia from 2002 to 2020, it would have to be 99.9 percent Republican because there have been no state wide elected Democrats here since then. For that matter, the GOP held both houses of Congress from 2011 through 2019 and basically delegated the Democrats to the powerless back benches. I also kind of resent the idea that you think 'everyone' is corrupt ... they are not. Here's a story from me in 1977. The road house and compound at Canton, OK, one of the smallest bergs in Blai
  7. You wrote: "God help us!" My post just suggested that he did and is. The entire problem with Trump was that he wanted us to live in an alternate reality where there is only one arbiter of 'truth' ... which was what Donald Trump said it was. His coup, executed by a mob he gathered and sicked on the Article 1 power (Congress) in an effort to enforce an 'untruth' is just evidence of your, and his, attack on the truth. Bottom line you can't have unity based on lies. I reject your assertion I was attacking Republicans. I was just celebrating the continuation of a constituti
  8. That was a great sermon by the pastor. I find their choice to limit youtube distribution blocking play here is a bit short-sighted - almost anti-evangelical - but as you noted in the other topic, they are powerful words in that they put the divisions into a context that emphasizes our commonality and humanity. What perplexes me most is the apparent riling of emotion is all aimed at having people kill (murder) for a obvious lie about the results of the election. Beginning with Roger Williams and William Penn, the former founder of Rhode Island and Penn founding Pennsylvania, religio
  9. Lieutenant Mark Parker Retires From the Sheriff’s Office (Paulding County, GA) On Friday January 8, 2021 Lieutenant Mark Parker officially retired from the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic an official retirement celebration was unable to be held, but the Deputies and civilian staff at the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office were able to send him away with well wishes from afar. Lieutenant Parker began his law enforcement career with the Birmingham Police Department (Alabama) in 1978. He worked there until 1989 where he enlisted in the Uni
  10. OFFICIAL NEWS RELEASE FROM PAULDING COUNTY ELECTION SUPERVISOR DEIDRE HOLDEN NOVEMBER 30, 2020 DALLAS, GA TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR AND MISLEADING INFORMATION REFERRING TO ELECTION FRAUD Recently a lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division naming 5 Georgia Counties for alleged election fraud. The counties listed are as follows: Forsyth, SPALDING (NOT PAULDING), Cherokee, Hall and Barrow. Paulding county IS NOT a part of this lawsuit or named in this lawsuit. Paulding County conducted the November 2020 General Election
  11. I saw this last night. I'm pulling for the General's recovery. Covid is insidious. Prayers offered.
  12. Actually, the media is just reporting the literal fear being expressed by those concerned with the national security. If you haven't gathered, all those folks we used to think were our 'friends' in foreign policy were pushed away by Trump who cuddled up with the worlds' authoritarians (Putin, Xi, Kim, Erdogan, Duarte). The prospects of war and conflict have been literally taken from a relatively stable situation to one that has the prospect of descending into ever greater chaos. For instance it was announced today that Trump just surplussed the only aircraft that is being used for w
  13. got a notice this morning that this young man has been found, safe and sound and has been reunited with his family.
  14. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dallas, Georgia, September 18, 2020 – As Paulding County’s population continues to grow so does demand for Emergency Medical Service. Today, PCFD announced the commission of a new EMS Division, which will focus on meeting the rapidly increasing emergency medical needs of its citizens. Battalion Chief Timothy King, a 25-year veteran of PCFD, and an experienced Paramedic, has been promoted to lead the newly formed Division. Chief King, who assumes his new duties on October 19th, is tasked to enhance Paulding Fire’s medical response capabilities and to improve t
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