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  1. I use Bone Circle from time to time. Especially if I'm tired, I will use it as a shot cut to get home. Why go all the way up to the light, when you can delete all that. And if the County didn't want to have a road go all the way through from Old Cartersville Rd to Dallas-Acworth, they wouldn't have made it that way. Majority of the time, I use Bickers. However, I do see a lot of kids come off that road obnoxiously, so I see what you are saying. EDIT: And coming off Dallas-Acworth it's only two stops, one at the fork, and one at Old Cartersville Rd.
  2. At the old ER triage was at the end of the Service Desk. Why would you think it would be any different in the new ER? This is a place that is one step below a Vet Clinic. Meaning, I wouldn't even take my pets there.
  3. Oh Pubby you are so right, we don't have anything better than to do, than to jump on a person who you may or may not know said person is who we are talking about. I'm glad you are in every single person head in this thread and we are ganging up on the person you ASSUME some of us are speaking of. Talking about jumping to conclusions.
  4. I could careless, one way or another if someone blocks me. Didn't want to talk to them any way!
  5. Because that is how Paulding operates. They could careless about anything that puts them out.
  6. I know, I've tried on a certain user as well, but it seems not to be working. I just completely skip over the topic or responses.
  7. Well, my opinion is, (and it's just that) that you are a good ole' girl, friends with all the good ole' boys. It seems to me, that you don't think they do any wrong. You are always right there to support, have their back, no matter what they do, or say. This goes for all government agencies here in Paulding, the land of the crooked!!! EDIT: Even thou I FEEL this way, I still think you are a very nice lady from the times I've have met you. I just don't agree with a lot of what you say when it comes to the Good Ole' Boys!
  8. Really? You are going to compare dangerous burned out houses over stupid signs? Well, there you go folks, you now know exactly what the Marshall's office does, remove political signs. Priorities folks!!!!
  9. OMG, it looks like she is wearing leather pants. I'm surprised she has developed skin cancer. And why are her boobs at her stomach? Or did she just take off her top and is flat chested?
  10. Can't stand HOA's and will NEVER live in a subdivision that has them. Matter of fact, next house, won't even be in a subdivision.
  11. I was going to say that is an armadillo not a possum. Duh, the dumbass that I am, I just got your title of the thread. Gee's!!
  12. Yeah I read this, and kept moving on after I done so....
  13. I don't understand why you need a lawyer if you two agree on everything and just want to part ways. When I filed for a divorce from the X, I just went to the Courthouse, got the papers, filled them out, brought them back, and they filed it. Got a court date, showed up with the X, was told to take some kind of class that had to do with couples (I don't know, I didn't pay attention) went to the next court date, bam divorced. The whole thing took two months. Oh and I had two children, 6 months and 2 1/2 year old.
  14. THANK YOU!!! I have been wondering about that till this day. They were right there, how hard would it be to see a pancreas in the 3rd stages of Cancer. That's what she was in when they finally found it. Oh, and one more thing....THEY TOOK OUT HER GALLBLADDER!!!!
  15. I don't know anything about Cartersville, sorry.
  16. She still has two more weeks or so around the nest. Her parents still have to teach her how to hunt. Right now, the parents still bring food to her to eat. When they drop it down, B3 will grab it, then make sounds to protect her food. Another words, she is also practicing with her parents on how to protect her food when she catches it. The parents pay her no mind, when she starts to yell. B3 is exactly where she needs to be in development.
  17. Yes, she had a regular doctor. He thought it was her gallbladder. Kennestone is an EXCELLENT hospital to have your baby!!
  18. They caught one inmate all ready. The kid in the picture above, hasn't been caught yet.
  19. My best friend went to Paulding ER a few times with her stomach and abdomen hurting. Each and every time they sent her home, saying she had a stomach virus. WHAT SHE HAD WAS PANCREATIC CANCER AND THOSE LOW LIFES DIDN'T RUN TESTS. She finally went to Kennestone Hospital, where they caught it, but to late. My BF was diagnosed in April/May and passed away on November 1st, 2011....6 months later.
  20. Just checked on B3, she is perching on a tree limb to the left.
  21. Yes, about 6 years ago or so, we had one just inside of the garage, where the door comes down. We all walked right by it, including the dog, and the snake wasn't even phased. Eventually the snake just slithered away slowly.
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