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  1. They are a little money hungry.
  2. Bonanza and Ponderosa Steak house.....What a blast from the past. Haven't heard of them nor seen them in years!!!! Remember going with the parents.
  3. Are those in Paulding County?
  4. I'm looking for a Bicycle shop where I can purchase a bike. I bought one from Wal Mart and took it back. Went to Sports Authority and bought a mountain bike, need to take that one back. Box Store bikes aren't really all that great and just put together any which way. Unless you are getting one for your child. It seems they are making the bikes to small....Like for teenagers. The proper way to be fitted for a bike is by the frame of the bike...etc.... I know Jones Bikes is no longer in business judging from the reviews I've read from locals, I don't want to go there any way. I tri
  5. Went out today, and FOUND two caches. It was fun! Found one at a park that I didn't know that Paulding had, and the other one is actually where I get my meds filled. I'm so loving this....Only thing that I was sweating was the snakes.
  6. I have that website and registered. I wanted to go today, but my son moved back home from college to late.
  7. Yes, I remember it being built.
  8. It was basically to see if anyone from Paulding knew the answers, if they were into the history. Didn't mean for anyone to have to look it up. I could can do that.
  9. Basically all you do is put in the coordinates, right? It just basically brings you to it...
  10. Find the year that: A: Paulding County was created B: The courthouse was renovated C: The City of Dallas was chartered by the Georgia General Assembly D: The Historic Town Square was rebuilt E: The Paulding County courthouse was erected (solution -2) F: The restoration and addition to the courthouse began G: The restoration and addition to the courthouse completed H: Dallas became the Paulding County seat
  11. Never could get into that show... I remember watching it when I was little, because of the parents, but it didn't do anything for me. lol
  12. I'm going to give this a try. I know there are some to be found just up the street from me. It does look like fun. Being outdoors, walking (good exercise) keeps your brain alive with thought, solving, whatnot. If anyone would like to do this with me, let me know.
  13. Has anyone done this before? Is there a group all ready set up in Paulding County? It sounds like it would be fun.
  14. I'm watching the approach cam right now. Try again!
  15. As I watch her this morning, she was on the branch to the right and all the way up to the top where the group of pine needles are. She was extending her wings, as she hopped down from that branch into the nest. Then she jumped back onto the branch, then back to the nest. Right now, she is on the take off branch to the left. She has been expanding her wings a lot, and jumping. She is back into the nest, and back on the branch. She is very active this morning. Not to long folks....But when she fledges/fly's for the first time and so on, she will still be coming back to the next for
  16. You know where B3 is? Look to the right of the nest (have the approach cam on) and then go straight up into the trees. She is so high up in that tree, that I didn't see her at first, until she moved. She is perching with all the leaves of the tree. Little stinker. You have to really look for her....
  17. Approach cam not working right. You just see the bright light from it, even altho the eagles can't see the light. The approach cam was very blurry earlier, and it seemed like the rain was hitting it pretty good. Plus very windy. She will be fine, parents aren't to far from here. Like I said earlier, wish she had enough brains to get back into the nest, but at the same time, eagles are smart birds, so it might be safer for her on the branch....Whose to say....
  18. I liked him at first too, now he gets on my nerves with the new stupid commercials.
  19. 9:50PM, to hard to see B3 in the approach cam. Wind is blowing hard up in Rome, so I'm hoping the baby will be okay, and it's legs and feet are strong enough to stay on the branch. When I first checked, she wasn't in the nest. I hope she is smart enough to get back into the nest for safety, and the parents are in the same tree on a different branch.
  20. The approach cam is very blurry and moving a lot. Almost like you are on psychedelic drugs. LMBO!! The cam seems like it's trying to focus.....But at the same time, seems rain is hitting it.
  21. My daughter graduates next week and I'm DONE (FINALLY) with Paulding Schools!!!!
  22. Same thing happened to my son back in 2012 when he was a senior. He was in Gym class, and some kid went into his backpack and took his iPhone. We never recovered it, and personally the school really didn't care. They had the camera's and they tried to tell my son and me, that they couldn't really see on that angle. Okay, whatever.
  23. They showed a picture yesterday with all 3 baby owls out and about, standing in a line.
  24. Oh, I use to watch that one until I got grossed out on the way they eat. LOL I can't watch animal eat another animal. Like an Owl eating a mouse, or whatever. However, on the other side of my face, it didn't phase me watching B3 eat fish, but the squirrels, I X'd out of the cam.
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