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  1. Be quiet you. Men have the Elks (thou women can be voted in now) and the Legion, (I don't know if they do the same as the Elks), and countless other private clubs.
  2. It's only been around 76, 77 days (which that would make her 10, 11 weeks old). They normally don't try to take their first flight until (close to)100 days.
  3. I think I'm starting to like you a little. Yes Glassdogs, I almost vomited as I wrote it too. But, I like your cockiness, and not putting up with any BS in your subdivision!
  4. Really? You are going to blame outside people that move here for things that go wrong in Paulding County? Wow! Did you ever think, that some of the doings that are going on here in the County, are from people that are born and raised here? Why is that so hard to swallow? How can you blame just about everything from Katrina and the people that moved here? I worked with a girl, who only wanted to be here temporarily and couldn't wait to go back home. Not everything is someone else's fault. Paulding has to man up and take the blame for what some of the County kids do. Next
  5. 4:25PM B3 climbed further up the branch. You can barely see her now.
  6. 4:22PM B3 so far up on the take off branch that you can only see part of her side and some of her tail.
  7. Thank you! I battled Lyme disease a few years ago from a tick. It was on my stomach, and had a very large bulls eye. It was caught early, but not before I got very sick from it. It was on the inside of her arm, it her step-daughter told me it look like a bruise at first. I said, a bulls eye, and she said it was big, and she did have the rash.
  8. That's exactly is what happened to her inner arm. Only difference is, she went into a coma. I'm glad they caught it early with you!
  9. 4:34PM, B3 on the branch that her parents use to take off from the nest/tree. B3 is pretty high up on the branch.
  10. I have a great exterminator, it's my fault, suppose to have them come every two months and I haven't.
  11. I'm surrounded by woods, and she lives in Paulding.
  12. I don't fix nothing. It breaks, ruins, I call someone to come fix/replace it.
  13. I woke up at 2:48AM from a tick crawling up my arm. I took two off my dog, and my father had one on him. I'm at the point that I don't want my dog outside and train her to use a litter box. This is how adamant I am about this. NEVER in my life have I seen so many ticks in such a short time. On top of that, my daughter saw a huge spider that she said that you could have saddled up and ride. If we had such a bad winter here in our town (LMBO) basically Georgia standards, why didn't all these bugs, spiders, ticks all die. I'm going to bring up the North. Up North, yes we have hars
  14. The Raptor Center admitted the eaglet from the MNDNR cam on Friday May 2, allowing us to provide emergency support and care. Upon admission, diagnostic imaging showed the bird had suffered a severe injury to its elbow with bone loss resulting in a lack of integrity to the elbow joint. The bird was also suffering a systemic infection. Unfortunately, the eaglet's condition made it impossible for the bird to survive successfully in the wild. Furthermore, damaged joints are a major cause of ongoing discomfort for birds, even if kept in captivity. Sadly, as a result, the most humane path forward f
  15. I'm sorry to report that the two baby hummingbirds have passed away. Over the night and morning, the nest was attacked by ants. The mother tried very hard to get rid of the ants, but couldn't. Nature can be so cruel. I'm so upset by this, they were only a few days old.
  16. All 3 are there. They just blend into each other.
  17. Mostly they do. Sometimes you will hear them in the afternoon. But, no reason for the parents not to be with the babies. Unless they are close in a tree.
  18. I think she wants to rest and get some shut eye, but have her head hid under him and he won't let her. Her mom allows it. LOL
  19. B3 on the branch with Dad @ 8:45PM... B3 was on top of the tip of the nest, and reach out and pulling his dad's feathers. At one point when B3 turned her head, you could see a feather in her mouth. LMBO!!!
  20. LMBO, you should have seen B3 and Dad rustling over a long twig. B3 would have it, Dad would take it (to move it out of the nest) and B3 would take it right back from him. Finally Dad put it to the side of the nest.
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