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  1. Jennifer's Pet Rescue. They go to the Hiram PetsMart on weekends. All are fostered so you can get their temperament and personality from their fosters. It's $200 whch reimburses them for the cost of getting the animal spayed/neutered and getting their shots up to date. They also accept donations. We got our rescue from them and he's the best, most affectionate, playful dog I've had.
  2. I didn't feel this one and neither did my dogs. I guess it's a myth that animals act crazy before events like that LOL. I did feel the 2001 one in Alabama. My then-husband sat straight up and said "that's an earthquake" and I told him he was confused. He grew up in L. A and knows what they feel like. Hope we don't have a bigger one out here.
  3. It's a fast-paced game. Two 45-minute halves with a 10-15 minute halftime, no timeouts, no changing offense/defense, just going nonstop. If there's an injury or a flop, the ref adds that time delay to the end of the game, so at 90' it'll be +2 or however many minutes the game was delayed while someone rolled around on the ground. It's great when your kids play it. You know when the clock runs out the game's done regardless win, lose, or tie. No overtime, no extra innings, just *clock* *whistle* *done*.
  4. We drove by there a couple of weeks ago and it looked completely empty inside. We were at the Rockmart location over the summer and asked our server there and she said it was pushed back from October to November, but that's not right either. I'm hoping that word-of-mouth will be enough for the Hiram location because it's tucked in behind businesses so you can't see it from 278. It looks like it's got a big enough space so we'll see how it goes!
  5. Congrats UTD! So excited for the team and for the city. Hopefully this is the first of many championships for the Five Stripes and it trickles over into our other sports. My oldest son's friend has played soccer since he was 3 and my son started playing in the past few years which got his younger brother interested too. We've started watching soccer the past couple of years and even went to an Atlanta United game this year. It's a nonstop sport but there's a lot about it I still don't know. And yes, he's mastered the art of the flop. LOL.
  6. Jennifer's Pet Rescue. Love yhem.
  7. It is VERY annoying when every single thread turns into a political thing and then a personal attack, and it's the same two people attacking each other endlessly. It could be a thread about Thanksgiving dinner and it becomes an all-out war. Just grow up. I have two bickering kids at home, don't need to be bombarded with two bickering kids on here.
  8. Will you two stop (and you know who you are)? Anyway, I just hope the results get finalized so we can stop being bombarded with commercials, robo calls, and annoying text message. The Facebook posts won't stop (I have a friend STILL complaining about the 2016 election) but at least TV would be better. One can only hope!
  9. Yes. Prayers and hugs for them all. This world is so full of hate and evil but I believe there is more good out there. We need to band together and show people that good CAN win. I'd also send this rain we've had all week to Paradise, CA, to douse that wildfire. So scary.
  10. What sport? Rountree Recreation in Hiram has a covered space. There's an indoor soccer field, indoor batting cages, and I think another inddoor court there. There's also indoor batting cages in Dallas that has a full basketball court in the building. Good luck and thanks for coaching. It's hard finding someone to do that!
  11. Yes! I saw the first Nightmare On Elm Street when I was 10 (my best friend snuck the VHS in the rental store as her dad was checking out another movie) and I didn't sleep for a month. It's been 30 years and I STILL can't look at him. I like spooky, suspenseful movies, not so much blood and gore. I'm a nurse and I deal with blood and gross bodily fluids every day, that doesn't bother me, but I don't want to see it on the big screen. I do like The Sixth Sense and Silence Of The Lambs. There's a movie from the early 80s called Watcher In The Woods, starring Bette Davis, and it's very go
  12. I have a friend who uses dryer lint sprayed with WD-40 to start fires in her outdoor fire pit. My hack is for babies, though. Clean and dry a baby wipes tub and use that to store baby socks in their drawer so those tiny little socks don't roll around loose. I also use a zippered lingerie bag to wash baby socks so they don't get lost in the wash.
  13. J'smom


    So, what's everybody going to be? My youngest has gone from a phantom ghoul to Ninja Turtle to Darth Vader, just this week, so who knows what he'll have decided by then. LOL. Also, what was your favorite costume that you wore as a kid, or a memorable one you've seen other kids wear? And we're all trick-or-treating on October 31, right?
  14. I have a cousin near Fort Walton who's military and he can't leave, I have a niece east of Destin who's a hotel maanger and she can't leave. It's looking bad now that it's a category 4. Prayers for them and all those in the path, in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina! My husband is in Greenville, SC, and is heading home Thursday just as it's heading his way.
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