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  1. Hope you can make it to the Produce Giveaway!!
  2. I think you know nothing about Who the “New” Owners really are.
  3. Please keep this on the Front page so that everyone has the opportunity to see it and hopefully be able to partake in this distribution!!! Be Safe Everyone and Have A Blessed Evening!!
  4. I can't stand a thief!!!! If that was a Ring Doorbell, they will replace it from what I read in our paperwork!!
  5. We just saw this on the Ch 2 Action News. Other places are doing this as well.
  6. There’s one on Dallas Nebo at the Gainsborough s/d, there’s another one on Bakers Bridge between the Abbington s/d and Sweetwater Church Rd, there’s one on Ridge Rd by the Emmissions place at Grands.
  7. I was typing in the word sure (I forget what I was searching for) and guess what popped up? SurePip, yes it most certainly did! Maybe this was a sign of him thinking about us! R.I.P. SUREPIP, R.I.P.
  8. There was an issue at our Rental house and was told that it was on the “property” side of the meter. A couple of days afterwards, we just so happen to ride by and saw a water fountain coming out of the ground right by the meter. Three days later there was a new meter being installed. It was NOT on the property owner side!!! This was the second New Water Meter that had been installed within a 1-2 yr period.
  9. I know there are some password protected threads but geese, can’t even see the topic or even the name of the forum? I can understand not being able to “open” them but, Nothing? The password I was given, doesn’t work. Oh well. I was just curious!!
  10. I was hoping we’d have an app pretty soon............
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