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  1. Remember there aren’t any restrooms, y’all have a Beautiful and Blessed Day! You may have to tap on the picture to read All of the details.
  2. Produce Day at Helping Hands will be November 16, 2021. Thankfully it won’t be raining. However, it will be real chilly! May want to make sure you have enough gas in your car! Drive carefully and stay safe!! Remember there aren’t any restrooms!! There aren’t any restrictions on Residency or Income, this is for ANYONE!!! Tell your Family and Friends, get there early!!
  3. Well, they reduced his status and gave him a new Nurse but, kept him in the same room. He says he’s feeling pretty good but, he’s still not strong enough to get in & out of the bed very much. The get him in his chair about once or twice a week. And that’s it.
  4. The General will be getting out of ICU today and going to a regular room. Not sure what time today, though!! Thank You All for your continued Prayers, Thoughts and Well Wishes.
  5. Produce Give-Away is next Tuesday. Get there early!! It’s supposed to be raining, drive carefully and Y’all stay safe!! I’ll be posting about some other Food Giveaways so, look for the post!! There’s 3 other Food Giveaways in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Check them out.
  6. The General is still in ICU, he says that he’s feeling a little better but, he’s still weak and bed ridden. He’s eating better, also. Please keep up the Prayers and thoughts. He still has a long way to go. Thank You, All. I’m good, I was re-tested today and I’m negative. Now, if I can just get my strength back, I’ll be fine.
  7. Thanks everyone!! He’s still in ICU and his breathing is not good, he still has no strength!!! He is eating better, though. Continue the Prayers, please. Thank You Curtis!! I’m good though.
  8. The General is in the ICU with Covid-19 and Pneumonia. They’ve given him Remdesivir, Convalescent Plasma and has him on Steroids to help with his breathing. The steroids raise his sugar therefore, they have to give him insulin. We need all of the Prayers going up for him to fully recover from this horrible virus. He just can’t seem to get his oxygen where it needs to be. He’s on the maximum of oxygen allowed even with forced air. He’s still too weak to even sit up on the side of the bed. Please pray for us!!! He is starting to eat a little, which is a great improvement. He’s not eaten much
  9. Soooooo, will Metro Atlanta Ambulance be replaced?? Or, what will happen to them?
  10. Hope you can make it to the Produce Giveaway!!
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