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  1. I did call the PS0 and they are coming, wow here they are, but I couldn't get the tag number, to far for me to see and when they took off, I didn't chase them.
  2. Thank you but I am tripping over this...I'm a single mother with two children and live in this state with no family (father will be back in March) and for something like that to happen makes me go into protection overdrive concerning my children. What is weird on top of that is, this past week I've been getting hang up calls from some guy and for this to happen now.... The sad thing is, I'm not afraid to approach or knock someone on their keester...Now being up in age, I might get my keester kick, but hey, I will go down tryng, and if that doesn't work, I'll just get the smith and wesso
  3. This white truck without a front grill is coming down our street and they slowed down in the Cul-de-sac and drove into my driveway. I didn't recognize these people and got up and went into the garage (door open) and stood there. The women then started to pull out because my neighbors dog is loose but then she pulled up again when she saw me and asked me if the dog bites. I said to her "Who the hell are you?" She proceeds to get out of her truck and asked me for some gas money saying that she lives in Carrollton and that the gas station wouldn't take her license and hold on to it un
  4. So far the teachers that had my son are telling my daughter they had him. She said that she just rolls her eyes...LOL Knowing my daughter if they keep bringing up her brother, she will say..."I'm not my brother!"
  5. LOL....nope didn't think of that. I didn't think he was caught yet. Hear a motorcycle in the woods still and the dogs are barking like crazy facing the woods.
  6. As I'm sitting here on the computer, I see a motorcycle with a kid on it going bat out of hell and through my neighbors yard. Next thing I see is a police car with his lights on and chasing him. He leaves and then about 15 minutes later two more come and they do brodies in the cul-de-sac and haul ass out of the subdivision. Now, If you are looking for one of the kids he lives in the first few house's of the subdivision in which I can tell you IT ISN'T HIM. If you are looking for another kid/2 they live in the first few house's of the sub as well and I can tell you for SURE it's n
  7. I had a Halloween party at my house last year with a DJ and I went to the police station to find our about the noise polution. The officer told me that music has to stop at midnight. That the ordience (sp) for loud music is midnight. I went a step further and wrote a letter to all my neighbors around me (except the one's that attended the party of course) and told them I was having a party and it will end at midnight. Not one neighbor complained nor did they hear any noise coming from my home. I was shocked to hear that, considering (in my book) we were LOUD.
  8. Storm hit here at 2:41 this morning. I put the tv on to see the weather update on weather channel and then channel 8 and nothing was getting reported. Shock, I think not. I heard the heavy rain, thunder and the lightening but went right back to sleep. Basically thinking, I'm not dealing with this crap and interupting my sleep...LOL
  9. Shel killed me when she played Maude and when she would visit Edith. Archie and Maude (Edith's cousin) didn't get along, it was a hoot to watch them dual.
  10. Family spokesman Dan Watt says the 86-year-old Arthur died at home early Saturday, April 25, 2009. He says Arthur had cancer, but declined to give further details. Beatrice Arthur, the tall, deep-voiced actress whose razor-sharp delivery of comedy lines made her a TV star in the hit shows "Maude" and "The Golden Girls" and who won a Tony Award for the musical "Mame," died Saturday. She was 86. Arthur died peacefully at her Los Angeles home with her family at her side, family spokesman Dan Watt said. She had cancer, Watt said, declining to give further details. http://omg.yahoo.com/ne
  11. We have two HUD homes in our subdivision now. I was shocked to see that, I didn't know they buy homes in randum subdivisions. I always thought they built their own for people. See, I learned something, and I think it's great they do this.
  12. Where are you located please? I was in Hiram last week and couldn't find you, assuming you are in Hiram. I would love to check your place out.
  13. Take out the bacon and I would love some!!!
  14. This is ridiculous now. We haven't heard anything more about this, therefore, I am bored with it. I just hope that (if true) this was some kind of joke and that no one is really hurt.
  15. I find it amusing that everything was said about the drunk in Subway but yet we don't know anything else about this foot. IMHO I feel it is more important to know about this foot than some drunk having a fit in Subway.
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