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  1. I remember when I was little we use to have a Collie named Lassie. When it stormed, she would follow my mother every where in the house. Right by her side, didn't leave it. My two animals, Dimba (cat), Ragdoll (dog), can careless about storms. Matter of fact, Dimba will stay out in them, and not come home. Now, Ragdoll DOES NOT like gun shots when she hears them. She will jump up on my bed, and plaster herself next to me. I have console her that everything is okay.
  2. Love this, miss this! They both made me laugh when I was growing up.
  3. Wonderful! Yes, boys will be boys, broken bones and all. I'm so glad that he is able to be that boy!
  4. Doesn't sound dumb at all. Just take some of her things (if you have room) and put them around your home. You will always have her around you, and I'm sure she would love it too. You will have Peace! Remember, she is always watching over you!
  5. See, I knew you loved me, just as much as I love you! I'm really sorry that I took this day hard, what you are going through is more than important, then my stupid emotions for a day that really doesn't matter.
  6. Aye, this storm was calm... I was hoping for a doozy. At least we have received a lot of rain the last two days.
  7. Congratulations to your son. You have a prodigy on your hands!
  8. I'm sorry about all the splitting up you had to do in order for your BIL to move on. I know this had to be hard for you too. At the same time, I don't care if you have patience with me and how hard I'm taking today.
  9. lucky64


    Sure if I was a man, which I'm not! Yes, that is me! I guess I'm on top of the hill at the moment. Next year is when I start to go over the hill. Thank you Everyone for the birthday wishes and the wonderful video's. Pubby, thank you for posting the rose!
  10. lucky64


    Awe, thank you so much Dana!!
  11. lucky64


    I'm just taking it hard that I left my 40's and turned 50 today.
  12. Wow, so, when I was a driver then Assistant Manager the run was $1.25. So now they changed it and call it a delivery charge, and you only get a $1.00? Is this Corporate or Franchise?
  13. Drivers get paid a wage (of course) and then a certain amount for each run they make. The last I remember it was $1.25 a run. It could have changed by now. That was for wear/tear and gas for the worker.
  14. And we will say the same thing, when "they" move, and should stay where they are from also. Works both ways!!!
  15. I got a kick out of the dudes writing, (I'm sorry that I don't know his name). He had every right to tell Doris to be quiet. And if she stuck her finger in his face like that, he should have told her where to shove it. They think that just because they hold an office they can say and treat people the way they want. Oh HELL no!! Biotch!!!
  16. And I heard that hell is pretty hot.... Spring never had a chance...
  17. You might as well hang it up. The Good Ole' Boys never apologize for sheet, and they NEVER admit when they are wrong. A whole bunch of pathetic losers!!
  18. WINTER!!!! Let's say for TOMORROW! Then when it's time for Fall, you guys can enjoy that season, then back to WINTER!!!
  19. Folks all we can do is just show a little more respect when we go up or down Bone Crest (LMBO). But the poster has to realize (which I'm sure he/she does) that not all people in the New Hope area comes on P.Com. But the one's that do, we at least can show a little respect for that area.
  20. The key here is to make sure you watch out for the elderly and kids/small children. When you come to the stop sign in the fork, there are normally kids out playing. Just like any other road, just show respect and drive carefully. Might as well hang it up about the music coming from vehicles, because that isn't going to happen. People have every right to play their music, but at the same time, I understand the loudness and the thumping of the bass. Also, people use Bone Circle to get to that other road at the fork (the name escapes me) instead of going all the way to Ivy Gulledge. A
  21. When I lived in Colorado and you went to the ER on anything that needed a specialist, they called a specialist in. If someone came in with anything broken, it was corrected and casted. To bad they don't do it here.
  22. She is doing great, alive and well on Facebook and I met up with her and her daughter at Michaels last week.
  23. Why even go to the light, when you are going to end up going past Bone Circle anyway? You alleviate all the nonsense of going around.
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