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  1. Love, Love, Love Piedmont!!!
  2. The picture of the snake was taken in TN last night.
  3. The improper English in your story, just about put me over the edge.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofnlvmT4XZ4
  5. lucky64


    First time I ever heard of a student not passing the Math, normally it's the Social Studies section. And I have to agree, if they were an A, B student all year, then how come she couldn't pass the Math Section? Well, I'll tell you. That B she probably received in math was a HARD, LOW B. Meaning, she struggled with math to get that B.
  6. I think it was Heather. Now she is below the Keys.
  7. She left the nest to take flight at 7AM this morning. She landed on a near by branch.
  8. Never mind, it's a red milk snake.
  9. I track them as well. I'm on their facebook page. I love learning and knowing where they are. As of late, they been hanging around Florida. One (I forgot her name) was hanging around SC.
  10. And this is the reason why I posted it.....It's a joke on what they wrote, they really need to do their research.
  11. The real estate researchers at Movoto have concocted a top 10 list of Georgia's "Best Places" using very specific criteria, and not a single ITP locale made the cut. All ITP cities and Atlanta itself failed to perform like Alpharetta, Peachtree City and Athens when put through the Movoto gantlet, which they call a Big Deal Score Ranking System. In fact, the top 10 places are almost exclusively Atlanta satellites cities. Movoto analyzed the 81 "places" in Georgia with a population of at least 10,000 and pulled in data from the U.S. Census, FBI and business listings. The criteria, and the champ
  12. Thank you everyone. I ordered a bike from Cycology Bikes. Altho, the owner of the bike shop got on my last nerve, and wouldn't shut up long enough for question I wanted to ask. He was to busy trying to get me to buy this and that for my bike.
  13. They need 23 credits to graduate. They need to pass all their classes, especially the English, Math, Science, History, which you need to have 4 classes of each to graduate. Even gym/weight training is considered a credit, it might be a 1/2 credit, but just the same, it's a credit.
  14. (((HUGS))) Prayers for you and your friend's family...May he rest in peace!!
  15. I'm going out tomorrow to look for more. I won't do the Comet Trail alone, but thank you for telling me...
  16. Bicycle Jones at the Cross Roads is no more. I hunted up and down for it today. Also, to many bad views about the owner.
  17. I guess you can say the two I did today were easy, but for a first timer, it was some what hard to find, when you don't really know what you are doing.
  18. I'm learning about the slow biking group, they are all over in GA, but I know there isn't one in Paulding, but kind of one in Villa Rica, but they do have one at the Belt Line in Atlanta. If she wants to ride, I would love too. I just brought back my bike to Sports Authority and going to check out tomorrow the place you mentioned. Surepip, thank you! The first bike did have wide tires but it didn't have gears and I need that. So, basically looking for a good wide tire bike with gears. Oh, with a basket or two. LMBO....To put things in when I'm riding, and also incase I break down.
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