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  1. came by about 90 minutes ago and the school was full of Fire Dept., Rescue Dept., Sheriff Dept...smoke coming from left side of school since I have never been there I am not sure if that was the gym area or not...
  2. there was a lot of wind damage in the area between Glade Road, Gatlinburg & Sevierville going towards Dolly Parkway ...we saw several trees being dragged out of the roads & getting cut up on the other side Wear Valley/ Townsend side
  3. my Dad use to have a feeder...they quit coming
  4. there is one at Bobo & Macland that has been there for years,,,,,and one at PC/Cobb line behind Bank..that a nice lady owns
  5. sorry I missed getting to "see" you
  6. All your thoughts and kind words and especially your prayers are greatly appreciated by the Hardy Family.
  7. I know there is someone on E Paulding Dr that repairs phones..near the golf cart place
  8. so sad that when someone is miserable they must hurt others...
  9. Very sad ...Robbie has been a family friend for years...Hope he recovers and heals ...Praying for him and his family and friends that loved him...
  10. they call me the bag lady ...& I am not homeless...just hate to wrap when I can cram it in a bag ...stick some tissue paper on top and GO
  11. She was a very sweet and classy lady...she will be missed by so many...Prayers for her family..
  12. The Dragstrip closed due to the owners of the land selling the property...the ones that ran the dragstrip only leased the land and owned the business ....the owners of the land sold the land to investors who were going to develop it as a multi use subdivision and commercial venture...the economy tanked and the project to build there did too...no one else could go back and reopen the dragstrip as it would never get a new permit even if they wanted to and the other owners of the business were grandfathered in but once it closed that was no longer an option ....and yes the subdivisions were bui
  13. I think we should all help,,,do I make the check out to IRS...mailing my personal one tomorrow...can include yours in the envelope.. if you call most of these #'s it says this is not a working #..it was 5 minutes ago........disconnected non working #...somehow they can bypass and get service on these #'s
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