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  1. Thank you for the information. I do believe that is for kids, my neighbor brings her daughter there, or she use too. I think I found a place in Douglasville, but it's still a drive. It's called Dance Affair Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio. I liked them on Facebook and sent them a message. Hope they respond soon.
  2. I can't even find a place in Marietta. There is one in Atlanta but I don't want to travel that far. Paulding County has nothing!! Such a boring town at times. Thank you, I wish I could see what that link has to offer, but it won't open.
  3. Really? What kind of question is that CitizenCain? I wouldn't have posted, if I wasn't serious. You boys can laugh all you want.
  4. Anyone know if there is a place/studio in Dallas (Paulding) that teaches ballroom dancing to adults?
  5. LMBO! My friend just contacted me and said she found a friend that is able to do it. Thank you any way!! Mods, please close. Thank you!
  6. I have a friend that needs a Notary Public to come to her house. Her mom has to sign some papers and they need to be notarized. The problem is the mother is house bound. Is there anyone that is a Notary and able to go to my friends house and help them with this? If so, please PM me and I will give you the daughters phone number. Thank you!
  7. Thoughts, prayers and light to Thad and the family!
  8. What I'm curious about is, why did he get off the hwy in Douglas County when he was going to see his girlfriend in Atlanta. Would the average person just stay on I20 to get to Atlanta?
  9. When I was little (elementary school age) my parents would take me and my brother to the beach, then come home, have a picnic in the backyard, then take a bath, grab our pillows and go to the outdoor. Normally the movies that were playing were Bruce Lee, or Planet of the Apes. I remember before the show would start, my brother and I would go to the swing set that was in front, then again, in between the movies.
  10. If this is the gas station that is on the right hand side. I stopped there twice, out of the two times, I went in once. I would just get a bad vibe from the place, and the area. It just looks to shady to me. No, I'm not talking about the owners or workers. I'm talking about the outside of it, and across the street. Just the whole area in general. Thoughts and prayers to the woman that got shot.
  11. Yes you are crazy and Yes I will pass up a Gas Station when I see a tanker there.
  12. No Mrs. G, Low just posted this post because she didn't want any Photography companies phone numbers. LMBO I'm sorry I couldn't resist.
  13. I'm having the same problem. Hotter than HELL outside, and I have mine on 70 and it's saying 70 in my room, but I know that is wrong. Even the family say when they walk into my room it's hot compared to the rest of the house. I'm on my own unit and it's brand new. Now I love it in the bathroom, it has both units going to it, and you would think you were walking into a very cold freezer. BRING ON WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. That's for sure, stradial. When I was at the bike shop today, picking up my bike, there was this older gentleman there, getting his bike worked on. He had biking clothes on, and those biking shorts on him didn't leave anything to the imagination.
  15. Yes, I live in GA.
  16. Thank you Postman! I heard about the person that was hit. So, sad! The thing is, bikers have the same right to be on the road as a vehicle. To bad we don't have biking lanes. Bikers have to follower the same rules of the road, as a vehicle does.
  17. Low, I was wondering the same thing when I received the text. We have a battered shelter near the house. The only reason why I know where it is, because my BFF use to live right next door to it.
  18. Does anyone ride bikes on here? (not motorcycles). If so, would you like to start cycling? I just got my bike today from the bicycle shop, and he's ready to be rode. I just don't want to ride by myself. Still very iffy about the Comet Trail by myself. This is my new bike:
  19. Oh for crying out loud, is this better..................
  20. And to the one's that all ready copied and pasted my post to Rockysmom, have fun with it. I don't care.
  21. Oh cheeze! As Low said, Get Ready. And Mrs. Dana, I take offence to this thread....I'm suppose to be the bitch and the pain in the ass. Now, I, like you, do get beside myself when Pubby get's attacked. But, I have come to terms that, it's a message board, then I over look it. When it get's to be to much, I say something. But, if you are that sensitive, don't read her posts. You can't allow things to eat you up inside. You are a very peaceful women, with the greatest inner-peace. You spread love, joy, laughter among all of us, including me, and I'm a tough one to get through
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