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  1. Yeh, I saw how much Howard Maxwell does to help victims of domestic violence, the lady that runs the shelter told us...nothing. Oooop, my bad, he did do something. He victimized those ladies, again. There you have it people. Pubby thinks that our government, our elections, our basic form of government, is there for his own amusement, nothing more. He "thought it would be fun and it was. I had a ball". Can a human be more selfish than to use our electoral system, just for his own amusement? Now you see why I say he is scum, he uses anything and everyone, for his own benefit, he car
  2. He and I agree more than we disagree, I just don't want that to become public knowledge...for both our reputations.
  3. We have a new guy in the position that Jame Gilbert held. I think, from what little I have heard, that he is doing a good job. I spoke with him for a few minutes after the town hall meeting. One of the things that we discussed was water and sewage. I cannot stress this enough, you are not EVER going to get large businesses and major companies to come to this county until you have space for them, with water and sewage. We currently have very limited space that meets that qualification. If you don't believe me, ask that guy. You will never have a 5 story office building on septic
  4. Awwwwwwww CRAP! I agree with you.
  5. Some posters remind me of this quote. Man who is caught in rainstorm with coat or umbrella, is all wet - Charlie Chan
  6. In case anyone doubts that Howard Maxwell actually told women who had been through domestic violence, when they came to his (well, it's actually our's) state office, "You can't fix stupid". There is video out of the doctor lady explaining how these survivors of domestic violence were treated by Howard Maxwell. It's on Facebook. These women not only need, they deserve better, not only from our elected officials, but from the community.
  7. Pubby and Howard Maxwell, two men who are too stupid to speak in public. Both think domestic violence is a joke, both need a boot in the ass, both are buffoons, both are so full of themselves that they can't see or understand that the rest of the world looks at them as jokes. Can you believe that pubby actually thought that he had a shot a winning his disaster of a political campaign? That's how delusional he is. Notice he left his BS post, but removed my reply. Hey pubby, have you ever had a successful business?
  8. Here is the article that quotes Howard Maxwell's defense of a convicted child molester. You know, the one Maxwell says was convicted with "ZERO" evidence. Here is the quote that I questioned Mr. Maxwell about. I guess Maxwell and I differ on what constitutes "character". Maxwell: Ive found him to be nothing but a man of character. Ive never heard any problems, any word, any type of discussion, nothing come out against Mr. Catalano. http://gareport.com/story/2009/09/18/second-thoughts-about-a-sex-offender-law/
  9. Please seek professional help. Perhaps they can explain that child molestation is not a joke.
  10. My problem with Howard Maxwell has nothing to do with backing another candidate. I personally have no other candidate, nor am I sure who I personally intend to vote for. It has everything to do with the kind of person Howard Maxwell is. Thank you. I never even came close to calling Maxwell anything like a pedophile.
  11. My reply to pubby's insane post was deleted, yet pubby's outrageous lost remains. I think anyone with two active brain cells can see what Pubby's agenda is and what kind of person he is. I did what I did to show how strongly I resent Pubby not just twisting something I said, but completely making up something to fit his agenda. This is the same thing he did when he accused me of being a racist and homophobe.
  12. Figures that you would think pedophilia is something to make a joke about or to somehow try and make it about politics. I really think you are one sick individual. Get some help. Ohhhhh, just so you know, child molestation is not a freaking joke. Not to those who experienced it, not to the loved one's of the victim and not to anyone that has any decency and morality in them. Final Note: This ladies and gentlemen is what I am referring to. The fact that pubby actually wrote the above post is why he is not smart enough to have power and authority.
  13. Delta is coming! Delta is coming! GOOD!! I hope they do come. They will sure do a better job of running the airport than the current people have done. And I can guarantee that they will do ONE HELL OF A BETTER JOB, then that scumbag Brett Smith will do. So bring on Delta. (for those that may not know, Delta is the company that has been successful in the commercial airline business, they are headquartered right here in GA, in fact, right here in Atlanta, they are considered to be a great company to work for and to have as a business partner) (not to be confused with Propeller Inve
  14. No, it's not a remake of the movie 1980 "Melvin and Howard", it's the story of my meeting HOWARD MAXWELL. I have a theory, it goes something like this. If you are in a position of power and authority, then you are expected to handle and deal with things as someone in a position and authority, not as Joe Smith citizen. You cannot just say any stupid thing that comes into your head. If you do, then you need to be fired. Not so much for what you said, or for thinking that way, although that may be enough to get you fired, but because of the fact that you were soooo stupid and moronic, as to ACT
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