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  1. I think they had to go to a cheaper software to save money. Seriously surprised they haven't sold the domain and shut down.
  2. The RCR is being filled from the Etowah river, the pumping station is near the Cartersville Airport. Since it's right after the Allatoona Dam, if the lake is OK to swim in, the treated water supply should be ++ good. Heard rumors that due to the delay in the project (it's over a year behind schedule) and cost overruns, the "temporary" rate increase that was supposed to get them over the construction period will end up being left active.
  3. From the location that I've seen them, they look like they are replacing the cables across the road method for traffic monitoring and surveys. I haven't seen a cable counting system in quite a while.
  4. Paulding cases jumped to 12 overnight. Ya'll be careful and stay home!!
  5. Paulding has 7 cases so far. Bartow has 93, Cobb 119, Dekalb 137 , Dougherty 164 and Fulton 231. Keep your distance people!! From the GA Dept of Health: The number of Hospital rooms used keeps climbing. Lots of bad cases. Still hopeful we can use distancing to keep this under the line. Thur 3/26 7:00 PM - Statewide Cases: 1643 Paulding: 7 Ga Hospitalized: 509(31.0%) Ga Deaths 56 (3.41%) Thurs 3/26 7:00 PM: 8948 tests given - 1643 Positive = 18.4% Positive ****************************************************** History: Sunday 3/1
  6. Rumor has it he will declare a federal state of emergency. He needs to man up on this one. This crisis will take leadership, not tweets, to restore confidence.
  7. Some friends of mine raise Alpaca and have for years. They have many awards from shows that they have won. We had a ministry Christmas Party at their house and we went out and visited with the animals. It was pretty neat. This event seems like it would be fun!
  8. Too late. The yard is awash in everything *except* grass. I'm going to spray it if we have a warm sunny day with no rain forecast for a day or two.
  9. If I get a winter cold, the cough and post-nasal drip will usually last for 4+ weeks after I finally fight off the cold. If I get a lung infection, it can be 6-8 weeks before I finally it get all cleared out. With this wet winter/spring so far, expect allergies to be bad as well. I just stay on the Over the Counter drugs to try to get a good nights sleep as I feel that is critical for healing. Also, not sure how old your son is, but some guys at work got me to take large amounts of Vitamin C when I was getting sick on a trip. I was skeptical, but it was the shortest cold I'd e
  10. Funny you should mention that since the construction news on the RCR website hasn't been updated since 1st Quarter of Last year, the original completion date. They have a few pictures from Sept, when the dam was supposed to start filling (6 months late, but I will say I expected that with all the rain we've had for the last 2 years) However, rumor that I've heard is that it's still empty, as the county screwed up the dam construction and can't get the Corps to approve starting the filling process. Thus, no news. Since I've seen no logging trucks coming out, I tend to believe the r
  11. The Locus swarms in Africa/ middle east and now China are not getting a lot of press here, but there is a possibility of severe famine in those areas as the swarms can eat a field clean of crops in just hours. Insecticides and direct killing of the beasts are the primary attack mode in most countries. They have moved into extreme western China now, but the Chinese govt is using a green solution to fight back. Ducks. Lots and lots of Ducks. I hope that this method works for China, but the middle east and Africa could be in for massive starvation if the weather forecast h
  12. What is this "Sun" you speak of on your Ad? Have not seen this phenomenon... Whatever is of VALUE to you!
  13. You won't believe how much more distance you get from a second story deck vs the porch.
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