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  1. Kim Cobb will always have my vote. She and Sammy McClure stood up for the custodians when they voted to outsoure. They care what happens ALL school employees.
  2. ree


    Is this smoking or non smoking?
  3. I put this in the wrong topic...sorry can not figure out how to change or delete it.
  4. I am thinking about taking the supplement Juice Plus. Is anyone taking it? Thanks
  5. ree

    Texas Holdem

    Thanks... Might check out Stars and Strikes
  6. We tried to go Sat and all entry ways were closed. People were parking on the side of road and walking. Police were having a hard time. We decide to wait and check it out later.
  7. ree

    Texas Holdem

    Does anyone play texas holdem any more ? We use to have fun going to different restaruants and playing cards. We meet some very nice people. If you hear of anywhere to play let me know...thanks
  8. I hope not my parents live next door...lol Big bill for three months...They are coming out Tuesday to put in new meter. I hope that is the problem.
  9. Our water bill for the past three months have doubled. They have gone from 38.00 to 80.00. We have city water and we don't water the grass or use any excessive amounts of water. Just the two of us. We had a leak about 6 months ago but fixed it and we have checked the meter and its not running when we turn every thing off. No toilet leaks. I'm beginning to think someone is hacking our water. LOL We got them to come out to check meter. Please any ideas?
  10. Thank you for all your help...gonna try the courthouse.
  11. Getting a divorce. Both partys agree , dont really have anything to fight over and no childred. Hoping to find a cheap lawyer. Would really appreciated you help...the sooner the better.
  12. Thanks for all your help everyone...found one in Rockmart. Please close topic.
  13. Anyone know of a house or trailor for rent in the Dallas area or close by Dallas to rent around $500.00. Already checked out all web sights. If you find one or know of one please let me know. :)
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