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  1. Just too many people trampling through there to have an "infestation of spiders" not be seen. Where were the webs? I would have serious questions for a home inspector who didn't see spider webs, day or night.
  2. the previous homeowner and the home inspector didn't know but the new family found out on move in day?
  3. was Timothy McVeigh not an "average citizen"? 168 dead What about Jim Jones? 912 dead from Kool Aid Jack the Ripper? While Osama Bin Ladin wasn't an "average citizen" he is responsible for more deaths. And nary a handgun in sight. Maybe if there had been one handy, things would have turned out differently.
  4. Just what we need in this town, another store to close. But honestly does not surprise me. I've been in several Fred's stores, as well as Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc, and our Fred's has GOT to be the nastiest store I've ever been in. It's horrible. I made my annual trek to Fred's a couple of weeks ago. I won't miss it when it's gone. I do, however, miss our Kmart, one of the last ones around. It's been gone almost a year and a half and I still wish I could go.
  5. As of a couple of minutes ago, apparently there is a BOLO for the shooter. This literally right there where my niece lives. Prayers for all of y'all out there in Rockmart.
  6. I have no idea about which ones last the longest but I have to tell you I have wonderful memories of a man I admired and liked quite well who wore Eternity for Men. No, he wasn't my husband, my dad, a brother, an uncle or any kind of relative. He was a client we had at work. I used to call him "the good smelling Guy".
  7. I didn't do anything special. Just enjoyed the day.
  8. We do tend to just get used to it and accept it, don't we? Hope it was a great day for you. And Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  9. It's cloudy and warm here. Supposed to have a 100% chance of rain tonight. Have a wonderful day!!
  10. Happy Birthday my friend! Hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you. I also hope you miss this storm coming in.
  11. who says he is my president. I am no party affiliation, voting for the best person for the job. IMO, NPA is the only way to have an election.
  12. The very idea that public safety and fire prevention would be based on anything remotely political is nauseating. What's next? You don't get hurricane relief if you have no party affiliation? Why don't we use criteria such as only prevent fires surrounding areas of one particular religion order? People of all political (and non-political) persuasions lost homes, families, jobs, pets and even their lives in the fire. Take politics out of it. I can't think of anywhere that needs to do MORE to prevent and lessen the devastation from forest fires than California. Do whatever the hell i
  13. We don't have those but those would be all the more reason to do controlled burns. Get rid of the undergrowth and fuel for the fires. If controlled burns didn't work, they wouldn't be used.
  14. We have controlled burns in this area. We don't have huge forest fires in spite of the fact that we have over 250,000 acres of forest just to our east. In fact, small forest fires here are rare. There's a lot of wisdom to what he says. My husband and I have often asked ourselves "do they do controlled burns in California".
  15. Pet Sematary. By far the scariest movie I ever saw, although "Christine" is right up there. I think Christine creeps me out so much because my brother had a car that looked like that car. Funny story about watching "Pet Sematary". I had just had foot surgery and couldn't put ANY weight on that foot. Not even to touch my toes to the floor. I was stuck downstairs from Wednesday until Saturday when I watched that movie and somehow managed to crawl up the stairs to sleep in bed that night. LOL I LOVED "The Birds". My favorite horror movie!! I have never seen "The Exorcist".
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