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  1. I don't see her either. I see her, she is okay. She is blending in with the leaves (per se).
  2. Yes, you can be arrested for an open container in the car. As for the two guys that was arrested for drinking, the only way that could have happened is if they were belligerent, and not following what the officer was telling them to do. If the two weren't, then the Officer had no reason to arrest them. You friend should get a good Lawyer to represent him, something isn't right, if he passed all the test, and still got arrested. Unless, the Officer was pinning the open container on him. Or, the Officer was just in a bad mood, and wanted to arrest someone. There has to be more to thi
  3. She is 78 days old today. Normally they take flight around 100 days, maybe B3 will do it earlier.
  4. 12:53AM B3 back in the nest to go to sleep. Well, she is being stubborn like most juveniles are. She is in the middle of the nest, trying to dodge the wind and the rain. It might be to active this morning for her to lay down and get some good sleep. She is standing at the edge of the nest on the right side. She appears to be very alert on the weather. (this in 4 minutes) YAY! 12:57AM, she finally went back to the middle of the nest and laid down.
  5. Even though she is high up on that branch and you can see her (even thou 12:26AM you can see her right side) she is still over the nest. She can still just jump down from the take off branch. Her father is on the back branches, where we can't normally see. If the mom or dad isn't with her in the nest or on the take off branch to the left, or the perching branch to the right, then the father will be in the branches behind the nest.
  6. Yes, she is sitting on the take off branch to the left. Very unusual for her not to be in the nest at this time asleep.
  7. There is one in downtown Dallas. It's just down from the Dallas City Police Station.
  8. B3 usually get's back into the nest around 10 to sleep.
  9. We buy our appliances from Best Buy. We had a few kinks that had to be worked out, nothing major. We make sure we have a warranty on them.
  10. We have a baby hummingbird that was hatched pre-dawn. Now waiting on it's sibling to hatch. Hummingbirds are born with full size eyes and their body has to catch up to it's eyes. They open their eyes in 9 days or so.
  11. Blah, blah, blah. Cover his mouth, he would talk through his ass! Oh wait, that's what he is doing..
  12. I keep forgetting about that approach cam. I wish I would have thought about that, before I posted.
  13. OMG, WHERE THE HELL IS B3? Not in the nest or on the branch. I know she couldn't have flown away that quickly. I hope she didn't fall.... Maybe she went higher on the branch. Praying she did just that. There she is, she went higher on the branch. She came back down a little bit. Gee's, my heart sunk for a minute. Dang B3 stop all ready, you are killing some of us.
  14. Mom Blue Bird laid 4 eggs, only 1 hatched. 3 eggs were removed from nest today. When the baby leaves the nest, mom will have more babies in the same nest. BB lay eggs up to 3 times a year.
  15. No, just jumping up and down flapping her wings, jumping on the take off branch and staying very long periods of time. Then jumping back into the nest and rest, then repeat cycle. At one point it was so cute, watching her run a bit, then proceeded to jump and flap her wings.
  16. Rather be a Yankee than a piece of sheeze redneck like you.
  17. B3 still has a struggle pulling food apart. When she fly's for the first time, remember, she should still come back to the nest, for the simple fact, the parents have to teach her how to hunt.
  18. Thank you, all ready have it. I watch the falcons, owls, hummingbirds, two different eagle cams, and the Blue Bird cam. Bella the hummingbird eggs are suppose to start hatching today!
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