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  1. People are either getting killed or drowning as of late. Yesterday two policemen were ambushed and killed in Vegas, and then a shopper was killed at the Walmart before the gunmen turned the guns on themselves. I just can't believe the breakout of all this violence.
  2. This nest is a lot neater than last years. It even has a little round area to place the eggs. Last year it didn't.
  3. I told my friend everything you guys said/posted. I don't know if anyone is listening, but I'm not going to worry myself over this. Not my family. I can say that X, her BF and daughter are now at the brothers house, house sitting. My friend, said she has to be gone from her home now. She doesn't want them around her kids. My friend has taken her daughter once before, but the daughter went back to her mother. She won't leave her for any reason. She is 17 now. When people don't want to listen, I wash my hands. I'm not going to deal with X, so many people (including me), her fami
  4. No, that's called being two-faced.
  5. How do you get butterflies to come to your home? I normally see a hand full from time to time.
  6. I had a lot of chores to do around the house in my pre-teens, and teens to earn an allowance. If I used it all before I got my allowance again, "It was to bad".
  7. Last year a common bird, I think I Wren built a nest in my garage on one of the bookshelves. This year, either the same Mom bird came back or another Mom bird taken over the nest and rebuilding it. I kept hearing a bird chirping in the garage, and there she was in the nest standing. Last year, there was a blue egg with small white dots on it, that didn't hatch, and funny how it's gone now. One bird did hatch, but after the baby and Mom left the nest, the blue egg was still there.
  8. I'm just a bitch, plain and simple! And if you make me go shopping, I'm a wicked bitch!! Never liked bullying, never liked bullies.
  9. Well, I guess you can say X hit rock bottom, for the simple fact, that she had to move in with her sister. She lost everything in Florida. Right now, she has a car, but she stopped paying for it, no tags, and just waiting for it to be repo'd. But she does have another vehicle, but it's only matter of time before she gets busted for the vehicle not being legal. She got busted in Florida for drugs, but she got a very light sentence, with her being a first time offender. She did have to go to some classes, fine, community service. She was done within a month. She has a teenage daugh
  10. This is such a beautiful, lovely thread about a nice thing that Dana did for a lost sweet dog. How she brought the family back to their pet from posting signs, and then BAM, two words had to be changed to something nasty. Just wrong in my opinion. Maybe I might be to sensitive about it, so be it, but this wasn't the time to turn it nasty.
  11. OMG, no you didn't go there. How can people take such two nice words put together and turn it ugly/gross, nasty???
  12. That's just it, X says she wants to get clean, but yet, even the methadone was something to take until she could find it. We strongly believe it is her BF that found it. But we know for a fact, she has been on something for the past 3 days. Just my opinion, one of them has to dump the other one, they are so bad for each other.
  13. Thank you ladies for your help. I've gave my friend both websites. If you know anything else, it would greatly be appreciated. Even some words if you have them on the subject, that she might have missed or haven't tried.
  14. My friend has a sister that is on drugs. The sister (lets call her X) met this guy that is like 20 something years her junior. X is in her 40's and her boyfriend is 21 or 22 years old. When she started to date him, he turned her on to some drugs. At first pills. Well, both of them moved into my friends house, so X can clean up, and get sober. X would go every morning to a Methadone Clinic and get her pill. Now, X and her boyfriend are back on drugs. Once he found a job, and she now has a job, well....You know the rest on that. My friend called me and said that she doesn't kn
  15. When I posted, I didn't see another topic started. After you posted your picture LowRider, I went and looked again for the topic and I still don't see it.
  16. Like I said, I'm curious on how this is going to come about even thou, both my kids are done with Paulding County Schools as of this year. Thank God!!
  17. Wow, I'm sorry, but....Well not really sorry, but.... The threads about the airport are really getting boring and run into the ground. How many different ways can you talk about it???? Seriously, no matter how you play it out, talk about, justify, dream, bitch about it, nothing is going to change, until someone that is involved with this (who actually has their hands in it) does the changing. Folks, it seems they are adamant about this airport, and nothing you say or do will change it. Maybe a court, Delta, or whatnot might be able to, but I seriously don't see the sense in complaining abo
  18. Okay, let me get this straight.... This test will replace the CRCT and the EOC test for grades 3-12. So, when do they take this test? Close to the end of the year, every year they are in school, or is this going to take the place of tests without certain grades? Didn't they get rid of the Graduation Test as well? Seriously, I want to know how this is going to work.
  19. What difference does it make? You/we of Paulding, can scream to the high heavens and it will fall on deaf ears. It's going to happen, so we don't have a choice in the matter. If it doesn't happen, then you/we lucked out, for the simple fact that someone in the shadows came out and played Zorro, Batman, or better yet, Peter Pan. Stole from the rich and gave to the poor!
  20. Too many people are disconnected and uninterested in whats going on in the world today. Too many people are happy to be told what to do.
  21. That's okay, you will have puddles and the lake still, so we will come. LMBO!
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