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  1. The last time I was on here, they wanted me to have a double mastectomy. After a long hard look and during some investigating on my own, I decided not to have it done. I didn't think it was a good enough reason. They wanted to do it because of infections. My Radiation Doctor decided to set up a PET scan for me two days ago. Of course I went, and really didn't care for the machine I had to go into. Yesterday I had my Chemo Doctors appointment, and he told me the results of the PET scan. I AM OFFICITALLY CANCER FREE!!!!!!!! I am so glad I didn't listen to the doctors and had the
  2. If I can't keep you guys up to date, I will ask April to keep you guys informed.
  3. My doctors said that I should have had a double mastectomy from the beginning instead of a lumpectomy and some Lymph Nodes removed from my armpit that was cancerous as well. After going through all this since Nov. 2014, now they are saying that I need the mastectomy because the breast isn't healing and I'm on my 6th infection because the breast and armpit isn't draining properly.
  4. Hey Everyone, Sorry that I haven't been on for almost a year. As you most know what I've been going through. Well, here is the update. Nothing worked out and I have to have a mastectomy done now. I'm going to do the reconstruction at the same time to have every thing done all at once. I have been through hell and back, and I'm so over this, I can't see straight. Have you ever been over a situation, that you can't even muster up an emotion? That's me. I hope everyone is doing great, and I'm sorry that I haven't been on in so long.
  5. For everyone who is worried about B5 not getting enough food, look at the eaglets crop! The crop is a pouch located in the throat where food is stored for later feeding. An eagle does not chew and swallow its food into a stomach, but it swallows each piece whole and it is held inside the "crop" and released a small amount at a time into the gizzard, where it is ground fine and dispersed throughout its digestive tract. Just look at the little crops on B4 and B5! They both have a nice full crop. So B5 may look like he Is losing the battle but he is still getting his food and That is the most imp
  6. My picture of Daddy Berry on February 14, 2015.
  7. Lowrider, they all ready have a commercial for that pill. Something about if you don't use protection, take the pill right after sex and it can stop pregnancy. I forget how the commercial exactly goes. I think commercials are getting a little to free with this stuff. It should be left to parents to teach their children, but then again, the other side of my face believes a little outside help doesn't hurt to get the information home. But, not the way they are going at it right now with the commercials. Part of me feels they are just about promoting sex. Dana, thank you for asking. I
  8. There is another commercial, I don't know what they are talking about, but it's feminine product and they zero in on the woman's crotch. I really don't care for that one either.
  9. They must not know me, I defy everything.
  10. Having a screaming goat in them?
  11. So, that was a fire I saw on that hill coming home from Rome on Saturday. I was wondering if that was just lights from homes, or a fire. I couldn't really tell as I was driving.
  12. Where is that park in Paulding? Is it the one that is close to Legion Road?
  13. Blonde, thank you for posting that for me.
  14. You know dang well, the BOC have their hand in EVERYTHING, whether they are old/new members.
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