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  1. i cannot understand why anyone would want to keep the sidewalks of Dallas rolled up at night. It would be so nice to have a place to go to eat in town. Acworth and Woodstock both have train tracks going through the middle of town and still they have tons of people eating, buying, walking, ENJOYING, their downtown area. Dallas is not the personal property of the politicians it is for all of us to enjoy. LET THE RESTAURANT OPEN>>>>>>>>BRING IN NEW MONEY>>>>>BRING NEW LIFE .
  2. that is the best laugh I have had all week. I was already thinking of him before I saw the picture.
  3. in my humble opinion my granny made the best biscuits. she taught me her secrets and I do pretty good. white lily self-rising flour, shifted, Crisco, and buttermilk-always. only use my hands to mix, never a fork. and I never roll them out or cut them. it is all about the feel of the mixture and pinching them off and shaping them with my hands. butter the top, let them rest a few minutes in your cast iron skillet. put in hot oven and they are done when brown on top. best combo......ripe cantaloupe and favorite jelly or honey or syrup. YUMMY. and always I remember, with a tear in my eye...an
  4. maybe she should have used the "twinkie" defense. she did what she did because she was MAD AS H***. he was wrong. and being pregnant did make her MADDER THAN H***. DO NOT MESS with a pregnant women...
  5. ok, I know I am not the smartest with this device or the computer or my new phone. but this should be simple, maybe. I want to download the app that will connect me to our local library system to borrow e-books. I have a fire hd6 4th generation and I got the cloud library app from amazon. but I cannot download it. it says it is not able to load on my device. WHY??????? please help and explain in old person words...................thanks very much .
  6. mm12

    toddler bed

    I know I can't post a for sale item on this forum.............but if anyone is interested in a very good condition used toddler bed, then please checkout my for sale in that forum. $50.00 or obo. no mattress. only used at grandparents house in new hope community. thanks.
  7. I am a nascar fan. this SPORT is far from boring. dale jr. has ridden on no ones coattails. he is a legend of his own making. Football is a boring sport. in my opinion. big deal a whole team of men chasing a ball for HOURS and HOURS...getting paid millions of dollars and new stadiums to fight in...nascar may only go around and around but it is one driver in the car. with great pit crews helping. I will miss dale jr. as all of the other great drivers have long ago retired or been killed. and that is my opinion.................
  8. does anyone know if the police caught the car who left the scene of the accident? this was on due west and 381 at the intersection in New Hope.. they shouldn't be to hard to catch their front left bumper was almost off. the wreck was not their fault. we couldn't believe they took off. guess they had bigger problems than an accident and a loose bumper.
  9. there is an old movie with paul newman and Jackie gleason. it is about the young guy, paul newman playing a charater from cincinnati, thinking he is ready to beat the best pool player. he does not beat him. at the end of the movie is a line spoken that says it all......YOU JUST ARE NOT READY FOR ME CINCINNATI.... I can not think of a better polite thing to say about the falcons game....
  10. mm12


    does anyone know why there is so much smoke in the air in new hope?
  11. never been there. but I have been to the grand canyon. fly to las vegas and then rent a car and drive to south rim of grand canyon. it is not that far. when we went to the south rim we took a bus tour from las vegas the first time, that was nice but not enough time to see much. if you rent a car and drive then you could also drive into Utah and see some of the national parks there. the beauty of these places is unbelievable. everyone should see them if they can. do your research about s.w. airlines flights, cheapest days and times to fly. we went in may, bucket list trip and anniversary. less
  12. before you buy. why not check the local shelters. even in different counties. you could probably do all of the research on-line. that way you could get a new fur-baby and save a life. I looked for certain things for our cats this way. I only intended to adopt one older cat but two were turned in and nearing their final days. so we got two for one, so to speak. I wanted to get older cats because all the training and "party nights" of kittens were over. they have been wonderful additions to our family. but sadly we lost one last week. but we find comfort in the fact that she had a very long and
  13. There is NO reason for school to start in august in ga. it is absolutely TOO HOT for school. It is TOO HOT to ride the bus, play outside, or wait in the mommy pickup line. There is nothing wrong with the old schedule. The kids do not learn any better. they get all excited the week of a big break, and they are just as unruly when they return from a week break. they do much better with a regular routine. wait and let school start in September. let the kids, be kids just for a little while. before we put them on an adults fast track. they are so worn out from the heat in august. they tire quicker
  14. there is a saying....there but for the grace of God go I. what this poor family needs are our prayers for strength to survive this horrible accident. not our Monday morning quarterbacking comments. and so I will pray for them and keep my unnecessary, unwanted and uncalled for comments to myself. that is why this is being called a horrible accident, because it is.
  15. Eloise was a wonderful, caring and giving person. Always so kind to my husband and me. No more suffering. We will miss her always. Cancer is such an awful disease....
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