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  1. The three baby owls are standing up in a small circle, just about leaning on each other, and sleeping. It's so cute. Nothing but 3 balls of feathers. lol
  2. In the second cam (MN) the parents are hardly in the nest. They are not as good of parents as B3 parents are. And the Owl cam, I watched it a good part of the day, and not once did an adult come back. I'm wondering if they even ate at all today.
  3. I'm having a wonderful time watching both Eagle cams, Hummingbird cam, Owl cam, and the Blue Bird cam.
  4. B3 is a lot bigger than that. The MN eaglet is only 4 weeks old. I will give an update about him/her when I find out how they are treating him/her.
  5. Baby owl just tried to jump/fly out of the box.
  6. She has been jumping on and off the branch all day. Just a few minutes ago, she was sitting in the nest with her wings half expanded. It was cute.
  7. Watched Mom Hbird feed the babies and sat on the nest for a few minutes.
  8. BB baby still not eating much. Thinking it is still full from this morning breakfast. For one day old, she/he is still weak. But, it's where it should be.
  9. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bellahummingbird-s-show The baby in the nest is inch long. You might get a commercial before the actual cam comes up.
  10. Here is the link to watch all kinds of birds. I haven't found the Hummingbird cam yet. http://cams.allaboutbirds.org/all-cams/
  11. I will find the link. I haven't clicked on it yet and watched them.
  12. The nest in MN (Eagles) had 3 eaglets. The picture shows one of the eaglets (that is the smallest of the 3) was rescued yesterday because it got stuck in the mud (so to speak) from the storms, MN had. The eaglet is 4 weeks old and has a broken right foot and broken right wing. They also said it might have parasites. They are doing everything they can to help it. It will now stay in captivity. I wanted to show how BIG eaglets are at 4 weeks old.
  13. LMBO B3 took the fish from her dad and started to pull it apart. The Dad took it back and started to eat. It was so precious. They were both eating from the fish. B3 is sharpening her beak, it seems on the tree limb. I'm so loving this.
  14. OMG, B3 just jumped on a branch and flapping her wings!!! B3 jumping back and forth from the tree branch back into the nest. At one minute she perched on the tree limb. OMG, this is so awesome. Flapping wings. She going to take off soon folks. One of the parents in the nest with her.
  15. I watch four cams. Owl, Bluebirds, B3 Eagle (Berry College), and another Eagle nest out of MN. I can post the Hummingbird cam. LMBO!!
  16. It's been over 24 hours and the other three haven't pip yet. But, they still have time, she hasn't laid her eggs all at once. She did it in a matter of days. BB1 doesn't want to eat, and the mother keeps trying to feed it. Mom is kind of rough with the little thing. Nudging it, moving it around.
  17. 3 Barred Owls born. Watch here: http://www.wbu.com/
  18. I just pulled another tick off my dog. Gee's, what is up this year? The weather wasn't cold enough over the winter months, to give all this? It's like they have tripped in a month.
  19. B3 just tried to step on a branch. Earlier today she was pecking on the branch that is to the right of the cam, that her parents would sit on at night. The branch that she tried to step on is to the left of the cam.
  20. No, I missed it. I'm watching to see if another one will hatch. They normally hatch within 24 hours of the first one.
  21. The baby was born at 10 this morning.
  22. My kids were in elementary when they flew alone from ATL to Colorado. They had a stewardess, from the gate at ATL to the gate at Colorado. And they made my X show ID before he was allowed to have them.
  23. My first flight was at the age of 14 in 1978. Moving from Massachusetts to Michigan. You could smoke on the plane back then.
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