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  1. We have Ooma as well and totally agree!
  2. That's who I was going to recommend,but I thought they only transport in Paulding?
  3. That's who my husband has used and loves him!
  4. My daughter will turn 5 in October,and the other day at a counter to order lunch,I'd picked her up so she could see the menu...and the cashier told her she was too old to be held (in a joking manner) but I thought,Noooo!She's not!She's still my baby! They grow up waaaaay too fast.
  5. He moved to a new office just down the street!LOTS more room now! Hubby and I both love Dr.Breckwaldt.We have no issues getting an appt when we need it,and never wait int he office very long,despite the fact that he's the only doctor.LOVE the staff as well
  6. Really ripe bananas are the only ones I'll eat so while I buy the yucky green ones for the family,I love when I find the brown ones out!
  7. Mine's on his way home at the moment.Luckily he has the next 2 days off...one reason why he didn't want to camp out at the precinct tonight
  8. I hope not either!My husband isn't one to complain but he was MISERABLE with this bug
  9. My DirecTV is coming in clear...and I didn't know about spraying it
  10. My husband had a pretty bad stomach bug last week that lasted a few days.Neither my daughter or I caught it though!
  11. Our 4 yr old woke up to a wooden toy train set under the tree this morning
  12. My daughter and I had to miss it...we're about to sit down to watch it now!
  13. I order from there quite a bit and have never had a problem.
  14. I say dressing since I don't stuff my turkey with it...hubby INSISTS that it's only called stuffing I make mine with diced turkey or chicken in it.
  15. This is ours...Hubby let the little one decide what he'd put on his,and of course she just picked a face,like hers
  16. Aww,why thank you my dear And speaking of which,where's a new avi of your grand-princess?
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