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  1. Hmm. Interesting, but it really does not bother me to stick my finger.
  2. Because he cost Hillary the election???? LOL
  3. Pretty sure I had heard all of those things before Michelle Obama said them. Anyone want to do the research to see who Michelle stole it from. Probably not. This is just silly.
  4. Agreed. Let's use the amendment process instead of King Obama and the the Supreme Court just making up sheeze.
  5. I think it is time to give up the entire constitution. We do not seem to be using it much anymore.
  6. There is already some excellent advice in this thread from those "in the know". I would like to add a few more ideas based upon my experience with FM and Chronic fatigue over the pat 2.5 years. I found no relief after seeing many doctors and trying every possible medication. This does not mean that I oppose using doctors as they are able to help many people. The two things that have helped me are as follows: 1. Herbs and vitamins - I will not list specific ones at this point because different ones are helpful to different people. I'm still experimenting (with about 15 of them) and
  7. I would not think dumping a test sample on the ground is an approved process. On the other hand, much more fuel is spilled at a single automobile service station in a day. Regarding your concern about aircraft dumping in flight, I would think experts in environmental issues would be raising a stink if it was causing significant damage. My guess is that no measurable damage is done in comparison to other other more common environmental damaging issues. For the record, I have no opinion about the Paulding airport as I do not live in Paulding county.
  8. Aircraft dump fuel in order to avoid structural damage caused by an overweight landing. The small amount of fuel that is spilled multiple times a day at service stations is more of a health and safety risk than aircraft occasionally dumping fuel at an approved altitude.
  9. Hmm. Maybe the term "half-sister" in this instance should be taken literally. Because I'm thinking the other half is "brother". It's gross no matter what!
  10. I actually agree with TP on this and would like to see what would happen if parties were eliminated.
  11. It is still there. Put it on your bucket list. It is really busy during lunch M-F. http://www.cfarestaurant.com/hapevilledwarfhouse/home ETA: Don't recall seeing a Krystal or bowling alley.
  12. CC, you should go to the Hapeville location again to relive the memory. I eat there several times a month as it is near my office. (The little door is still there.)
  13. How about we put all the illegals on a bus and send them to Washington. Obama could turn the White House into an orphanage and pay for these kids out of his own pocket.
  14. Somebody wake me up - I agree with every post so far.
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