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  1. The Dexter books are delicious. So much better than the TV show, although Michael C. Hall is a tasty treat. You need to read the books. Dark humor at its best.
  2. We got .33! Yes 33 cents LOL! It was comical. The postage cost more.
  3. I'm wondering if it was a random attack.. She could have reminded someone that had a lot of rage of an ex wife or ex girlfriend that just left/divorced/took custody and it set him off. First thing I thought was wow, my ex lives off the trail in that area, he has been really raging over custody and I looked a lot like her before I got remarried and had a baby. Do I really think my ex did it, of course not... but since she was not robbed, or raped and he hurt her this bad it was a rage attack. Someone is seriously anger at women.
  4. I've always been a firm believer that phones and accounts need to be policed. I remember in 2007 when my oldest was in 6th grade a girl who was also in 6th grade sending dirty pics. I marched my Son's phone straight to the Mom of the Girl. Sad but she didn't seem to care and that little girl was preg by 10th grade. I'm just wondering who started the Instagram with the pics and if they are someone my Son and I know.
  5. Just saw this on the news. My Son goes here does anyone have any info on the kids that started this page? http://m.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/parents-outraged-after-instagram-page-features-mid/nfn4S/
  6. Thanks to everyone. I was looking for summer and fall. She has pageants still until June but we have been phasing those out. Have to get through the ones already booked :-)
  7. I know a few years back, maybe 2010 Santa was at the live nativity in Down Town Dallas. Is he there this year again?
  8. It was FREEZING. We were lined up at 11:45 waiting to go and my little one was shivering even bundled up. I was running along side of my 3 year old who was in the yellow Camero full of beauty queens. I missed the flyers but I cannot believe the trash and litter people leave behind. It was awful!
  9. My shopping is done but I'm heading out to get the spoiled 3 year old a nubi2. It is half off at Walmart :-) I love the crazy rush of black Friday now Black Thursday! Gets the season kick started!
  10. I've worked in ortho for 21 years and been in Buckhead 9. My Kids go to my office but if I had to pick in Paulding I would only go to Dr. Justice :-)
  11. Yep. I work in Buckhead near chastising and this is going to royally screw traffic up. It is already a nightmare. I will be job hunting I guess!
  12. I think that it is just horrible to want to throw little kittens outside in this weather! Just mean!
  13. We are and my little Tomboy can't wait! She is going to be Scooby Doo again this year!
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