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  1. Just looked out here near Rose's store and it's still dry but I thought I heard some thunder rumbling earlier.
  2. We're near Rose's store and our power was out for quite awhile this morning.Carroll EMC said they had close to 600 homes without power!
  3. My 7 yr old's visit with Santa this year
  4. We bought a 23lb turkey this year and I took it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge last night.
  5. I've used the Kroger,Ingles,and Walmart brand canned pumpkin and never had an issue with them.They're just as good as the brand name pumpkin.
  6. We put our tree up and decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving.I LOVE Christmas but enough's enough I have a friend that decorates for Christmas the day after HALLOWEEN!
  7. Thank you Thank you!It's from one of my favorite pictures of him and the one we used at his memorial service.
  8. Will definitely have your dad and family in my prayers
  9. I've heard great things about County Dental Providers!
  10. Thank you RED and crossroads. Dad did well after his last blood transfusion.Had finished his radiation treatments and had gone through his first chemo treatment last week.Last night he was in severe pain and was rushed back to the ER.Both lungs are partially collapsed and his right lung has a small perforation.He had 1.5 liters of fluid removed from his left lung today.The fluid around his right lung (left over fluid from a few weeks ago when they removed 2.5 liters) is more of a coating now and is adhered to his lung.Once they have his blood count stable,they will go in and "scrape" that fluid off and patch his lung. Please continue to pray for him.He needs it now more than ever
  11. Flight 242 has always been a very personal thing for me,even though I wasn't even born yet.We lost 8 family members in the crash (on the ground).
  12. Getting a tattoo on the finger usually isn't the best idea.Hand tattoos in general.They tend to fade quicker. BUT...I (and all my siblings) just used Matt Brumelow at Lucky Draw in Dallas.He did a fantastic job.
  13. Thank you rockysmom and jmd
  14. Thanks Dana!He started radiation treatment on September 3rd and will have his final treatment this monday on the 16th.He had a rough week last week and ended up needing another blood transfusion this monday but he has felt great since then.This is the longest he's gone without going back in the hospital!He begins chemo on the 17th.
  15. It was HORRIBLE on me when I had my tonsils out a couple of years ago,and I'm not a whiny sick person,lol.I hope y'all make it through this okay
  16. Mrs.G,my MIL has been looking for somewhere to volunteer at so I will give her this info!
  17. Fire911,his name is Eddie. They figured out that the tumor in his esophagus has grown so large that it started bleeding,which was dropping his blood pressure.The only way to stop the bleeding is to shrink the tumor with radiation which he has his first treatment on tuesday so they are releasing him today so he can get started tomorrow!Luckily this was not another 7+ day stay!
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