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  1. We always save money when we shop at Food Depot and their veggie/meat selection is so much better than Publix/Kroger/Ingles
  2. usarmysis

    Food Store

    We love Food Depot.This one will be much closer than the one we go to in Carrollton!
  3. I thought of this thread today when Helena told me something....she said she wants to be a "Pet-anarian" when she grows up.Ya know,a pet doctor
  4. Aww,makes me remember when Helena called french fries "Fee Fies" and mermaids were "Germaids" I know she use to pronounce more things wrong but I've fogotten
  5. I grew up with most of our gifts being wrapped.Hubby grew up with everything wrapped.With Helena,we wrap everything,even the stocking stuffers,lol,except for huge items like this year her bike will be unwrapped.Another year her art desk wasn't wrapped.
  6. Hubby uses them and has been VERY pleased!A friend recommended them and now several friends use them
  7. I know,it's BEAUTIFUL!We took the little one and the doggy to the trail for a walk.But hard to believe Christmas is 11 days away...I want SNOW!
  8. If Santa decides to make an appearance on a monday or tuesday night,let us know.Those are the only nights we're able to get out that way
  9. Need any more? My MIL sent us all of late-FIL's comics (still in sleeves) but we have no need for them and have no idea where to sell them
  10. I can't believe Helena's almost too old for Tiny Tots Fridays!We've loved meeting with friends up there for the past few years
  11. Thanks BB and Mrs.G The HH office is pretty much across the street from my daughter's preschool (and I never knew it,lol),so we'll drop it off on wednesday.I was going to bring the stuff to put on the boxes on saturday,but of course forgot Helena's really caught on to the idea behind donating so she cleaned out our pantry for us,lol.
  12. Will the box be on the square tomorrow? Or is there somewhere else we can drop off donations?
  13. Helena is 5 now and we started talking to her about her grandfather (who passed long before she was born) when she was about 2.It wasn't until she was about 3,maybe 3 1/2, that she asked when she'd get to meet Grandpa Wayne and we explained to her then...while she didn't completely understand,and probably still doesn't now,she accepted it.She asked questions and we answered honestly.As she gets older and the questions change,we answer more in depth.Age appropriate,of course. Do they have pictures of the boys? Perhaps they could all sit as a family and look at them,and talk about who the boys are.I'm sure the oldest will probably have questions,as old as she is,but the answers don't have to be given in full,or in detail.As the girls get older,more could be explained?
  14. We turned ours on last night for the first time but only because the little one refuses to sleep with anything other than her thin,worn out "Blankie"...and sleeps nekkid too So we didn't want her to freeze
  15. At 11 months old,Helena was only eating table foods,so I have no idea how much baby food she would have been eating...
  16. She gets prettier and prettier! I remember her baby and toddler pics you used to post and I thought she was GORGEOUS then! You better look out...the boys, the boys.... . Thanks! I can't believe she's growing up so fast She already has a little boy in her pre-k class that has a "crush" on her...hubby doesn't care for him much
  17. We just started using Dr.Stewart at Hiram Center For Dentistry for our family.She's great,and so is the entire staff!
  18. 5 Guys is awesome.Bobby's...not so much.
  19. We did for awhile,but they just kept coming off.The glue NEVER held.
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