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  1. Thanks everyone.Thanks Mrs.JR. Unfortunately,I guess I spoke too soon.He was admitted again last night.Very low blood pressure and low blood count.
  2. I just wanted to thank everyone again for all the prayers.My dad had a rough couple of weeks.He spent 16 days in the hospital,had a port port put in for his chemo treatments and a feeding tube as he can't eat solids by mouth,and had 2.5 LITERS of fluid drained from his chest...just to name some of the challenges.But he's been home for a few days now and is doing good!The day he was hospitalized,he weighed 108lbs.Yesterday at his first appointment with his radiologist,he weighed 120lbs!!!He has a long road ahead of him but he's getting stronger every day and is ready to kick cancer in the booty!
  3. No idea yet.What's going on this weekend?It's been sooo long since we've actually had a weekend day off!
  4. We've had Straight Talk for several years without any issues.Customer service was great the one time we needed it (had nothing to do with service though) and the only place that it's hard to get reception at is Cobb hospital,and we live in the boondocks where we couldn't get ANY service at all when we had Sprint.The price has never changed and you don't get hit with fees.We have the unlimited plan for our smart phones and it's $45 every month without fail.And we talk,text,and use the internet like CRAZY and still never go over any "data limit".We love Straight Talk!
  5. We use Southern Tires on 92 by Ben Hill Strickland park.Great service and great prices!
  6. You're welcome Oscar! Thank you,everyone,for your prayers and thoughts.Means so much to my mom,brother,sisters,and me!
  7. Thanks everyone for the prayers.It's been a looooong week.Tuesday they gave us the news that the tumor in his esophagus is malignant.The cancer has spread to his liver and lungs.Yesterday the put in a port for chemo and radiation treatments,as well as a feeding tube.He is staying strong and positive and has had so much support here at the hospital the entire time.Please continue to pray for him!
  8. Do they owe the money?Did they have the company come pick up the recycling can when they switched to a new company?
  9. I graduated in 2002 and learned cursive in 3rd grade.My daughter will be a first grader this year and learned cursive in kindergarten,though not taught by the teacher but by me.
  10. I have a friend that has her own cleaning business,Clean to a T. 770)546-0830
  11. We started taking our daughter to the children's museum when she was about their age and she loved it!
  12. usarmysis


    We've eaten there several times and always have yummy food a great service!
  13. Even with the addition of 10% at the register,I still save so much money shopping there as opposed to other grocery stores.And the meat is always better.
  14. We've been with Straight Talk for years with no issues.In fact,the few times we've needed customer service,we've been very pleased.
  15. usarmysis


    My parents and MIL have always been great about not trying to "parent" my daughter.They simply enjoy being the grandparents and getting to spoil her and leave the decision making to me and my husband. My MIL does refer to our daughter as "her baby" but it doesn't bother us.I don't understand why it bothers other people.I have always referred to my nephews as "my babies" and probably always will and I don't think it's ever bothered my brother and SIL.Why should it?It's not like I'm trying to place my claim on them or something
  16. I'd like the info as well!I have several friends that live in Texas and I could have them help circulate it.
  17. I was looking for the info last week and could never find anything either. ETA: Just realized that the pageant is TOMORROW I wish they'd posted info sooner!I finally found something that had been posted on the 2nd but I'd been looking for info for awhile and hadn't seen anything.Even the 2nd is really late notice!
  18. We've used Straight Talk for years now with ZERO issues.Highly recommend them!
  19. How much for a 2011 Hyundai Elantra?And is the officer discount only good on LE vehicles?
  20. We only have one child so this hasn't come up for us but if we have another I'm all for Helena being in the delivery room as long as she's comfortable with it.I was in the delivery room when my sisters were born.I was 9 and 11 and loved the experience.
  21. I go to Piedmont Heart Institute on Merchants Drive and see Dr.Linton.She's great.Not sure about the "low fat nazi" part but she sure knows what she's doing
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