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  1. We have a Garmin Streetpilot.It's been great for the almost 3 yrs we've had it!
  2. You're so sweet It was so nice to meet you and put a face to the name!You're daughter was adorable!How did she like the pageant? I had no idea that was you!!Well,HEY!LOL!Your tiny one was precious I didn't get to meet the older one but she looks beautiful in the pictures!
  3. Oh,I knew you weren't actually questioning whether they were at fault or not
  4. Wow,DUI?What was this lady thinking??!
  5. Why would they be?Because they did their job? It's such a shame...why was she speeding in the first place,already putting her unborn child at risk?
  6. Yep,it's Scoggins Middle! Oh wow!No issues like that at all.I know the people that lived there before didn't have any issues with anything.
  7. We live in the neighborhood and it's nice...always quiet.Like Armymom said,there were a couple of bad neighbors but they're gone now
  8. The same thing happened with our daughter,she failed the hospital tests and we didn't worry.She failed the test at the doctor's and I started to worry,only because my dad has hearing problems.She failed the test once at the specialists,but then passed the next time and we haven't noticed any problems,and she's 3 yrs now.
  9. It has beautiful flowers,but I had no idea how much it would take over everything,so the first year it was pretty much the boss...then I realized I couldn't kill it for nothin' so I just make sure to keep it trimmed back and it looks good now.My other flowers are actually having a chance to thrive now
  10. Oh,shows what I know They look the same when I googled them,lol.But,I looked again,and it's Periwinkle that I have
  11. I have TONS of Clematis (same thing as Periwinkle,right?) if you want to come get some to try.Mine seems to thrive no matter how badly it's treated,lol.
  12. We use Purina Tidy Cats...24/7 formula for multiple cats even though we only have one.I figured if it's suppose to work for multiple cats,it damn well better work for one,lol.And it does!
  13. We went to the Bodies exhibit a few years ago and loved it!
  14. Thanks to No Job Too Small! We really appreciate the great service,once again
  15. Yep My husband will be at Freaknick when he soooo doesn't want to,lol
  16. She is GORGEOUS and I love her name!
  17. We didn't need ours when we had our daughter's birthday party there last October...I'm guessing you'd really only need it to show if someone else was there when you show up,if they tried to say,"well I was here first,I don't have to leave"
  18. Yep,we found it in the road.It's in our driveway whenever you want to come get it
  19. By the way,are you missing a road cone?
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