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  1. We have both Ooma and Straight Talk as well and have been VERY pleased...especially when we see how much money we've saved
  2. We LOVE their food!Turkey wings are awesome and the chili cheese burgers are Mmm Mmm Good!
  3. usarmysis


    We've had Ooma for a few years now with no complaints. Our box was $75 (search online for good deals!) and we only pay $3 in state every month.
  4. Go to your profile (not home) and hover over your profile picture.It should say "Edit Profile Picture" then.
  5. See the conversation box up at the top left hand? Click that to send a message,or hover over a person's name and you'll see the option to send them a message.
  6. It's absolutely tragic Prayers are with my APD family
  7. I trust my husband 100% and he's never given me a reason NOT to,so I've never felt the need to snoop.He'd give you the same answer about me.
  8. We live off Buchanan hwy and ALWAYS get behind the person that thinks 30 mph is a good speed on that road
  9. Ours never goes up before Thanksgiving
  10. We voted early as well so we're going to drive out to Alabama and view some fall scenery,maybe do some Christmas shopping.
  11. We live in a small neighborhood that has very few young kids and no one seems to give out candy here,so we always leave out a bowl of candy incase out of neighborhood kids stop by,and we head to another neighborhood to trick or treat.I wish we could stick to our own,but it would make for a very short night I don't understand why come would find it unacceptable
  12. We'll probably be heading out around 6:30.Seems like it's always a good time,atleast we always have good luck starting that early.
  13. My MIL stayed at the Country Inn and Suites the last time she visited and had no complaints.
  14. Be very,very careful....once you get the hang of it,it is super addictive!!
  15. How are they going to stop the accidents? People complain about police sitting in certain areas often to catch speeders...but yet continue to speed in those areas.Wouldn't it be the same for people that run lights or stop signs in "problem areas"??? People should learn to obey traffic laws!! The.End.
  16. Helena just turned 6 this month.She has grown up on Pcom She's in kindergarten this year and has her first loose tooth *sob*
  17. Ours went down $100 too...I was starting to sweat those $200+ electric bills Ours have never been that high until the past 2 months and that's when we were using our a/c less than normal!
  18. Our daughter did preschool at First Baptist Kindergarten down the street from the old courthouse and we LOVED it there.It felt like leaving her with family
  19. My daughter has been a breeze to raise so far (she turns 6 in a week).I have some friends with sons that makes me cringe to even think about having to live with them and deal with them daily,lol.
  20. I use Tamala at Select Salon in Hiram,across from the Animal Hospital,and love her!
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