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  1. My kindergartener brought hers home today...
  2. My MIL is having the same trouble.She is beyond frustrated.She just wants to be near her granddaughter and it's been nothing but a headache for the past year
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    I like them scrambled,deviled,or hard boiled
  4. usarmysis


    I switched to Dr.Dark at Douglas Womens Center after my old OB/GYN retired and have been so pleased with her!
  5. But most adults aren't even aware that booster vaccines are needed.Would you have known about it if you didn't need them to travel overseas? I'm not sure how I'm twisting his/her words? Not yet
  6. *Sigh* Researching these things calls for more than just looking up an article.I can find 100 articles backing up my statment as well But if this is how you do your research,okay.
  7. People have been not vaccinating their children for as long as vaccines have been around so no,it's not just coming in to full swing,it's just that there is more of a spotlight on us these days. Are you still up to date on your vaccines BLUE? Ya know,they don't "work" for life So you could be one of these germ spreaders" that STRAWMAN is so freaked out about,if not
  8. I've never even heard Jenny McCarthy's stand on vaccines.And my decision to not have my daughter vaccinated had NOTHING to do with the autism/vaccine relationship Again,research exactly how whooping cough is being spread these days.
  9. Vaccines DO lower the immune system.. Telling us to hang signs on our unvaccinated children...says right there that you think they're little germ carriers.Why else would you care to know?!
  10. WHY do people like you assume that these children are grubby little germ carriers??? Really? MY (unvaccinated) child is never sick
  11. Absolutely! And just because a doctor doesn't demand their patients be vaccinated does not mean they are not up to date on symptoms and treatments.
  12. My husband sees Dr.Mortazavi and LOVES him but Dr.M sent him Comprehensive Pain Management over off Dallas Hwy for his epidurals.I'm not sure which Dr. he sees there but they do everything they can to take care of my husband.And he was able to get his first appt right away.
  13. Thank you!She is,for sure,my pride and joy
  14. Yep,I tried to keep her little forever but I guess I didn't do it right But thank goodness for her birthday being after the kindergarten cutofff! I couldn't have imagined letting her go to Kindergarten last year! Pre-K was hard enough for me to let her do
  15. I know It seems like yesterday my mom posted on Pcom that Helena had been born! Now Kindergarten already
  16. Helena loved her first day of school....we haven't braved the bus yet though.That comes on monday!
  17. Out in South Paulding,very close to Rose's store.
  18. I don't really care for yogurt but I like greek yogurt.
  19. We LOVE Lyn's too! Haven't tried the one in Hiram though.I just remember going in there once years ago and had a roach crawl on me....haven't gone back since
  20. We've had Ooma for a few years now with zero issues and love it!
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