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  1. Please consider getting your pine straw from the scouts this year!! We are delivering much later than we usually do - great for those of you that it was just too early last year. Remember - we deliver - no mess in your vehicle. It's just about what you can get it for at the big stores when not on sale. More importantly, you are contributing to helping young men learn how to make their way in life - they are working for the money to pay for their scouting adventures. We have fewer and fewer opportunities for young people to work and learn these lessons. Please consider the sc
  2. Pine Straw Time - Troop 7 is selling pine straw for $4.25 per bale (delivered). There is a 5 bale min for delivery, and payment due at time of order. Message me for the order form or you can order online at http://www.troop7online.org/Purchase-Pine-Straw. Delivery is on March 24 & 25, and deadline for orders is March 14. Drive-up purchases also welcomed at the Ingles parking lot on the 24 & 25. Monies earned will help defer the cost of summer camp, and other Scout activities. The bale price is about the same as the box stores, but delivered - a nice difference! Thanks!! Heads up -
  3. Both of mine are unavailable next week. One is out of town working a bowl game; the other is having his wisdom teeth out. If you still need them - let's look at the next week.
  4. Elevation Chop House at McCullom Airport. It's fabulous food and great view if you're into that sort of thing.
  5. Let me ask youngest again. He wanted to do it, and then just ran out of time in the days. We went out of town the last time. He's off for holiday break now.
  6. Because Dallas won't allow restaurants in its downtown area. Start allowing restaurants - the rest will follow. Very frustrating.
  7. Surepip - let me show this to my son. This is the kind of work that he does all the time. I know he's booked out this afternoon. His brother comes home from college tomorrow so I think that's out. But, I don't know what his weekend looks like. I think he's got two jobs already, but he's also looking to make some money. And, kids are out of school for the week. If you wanted them both - both boys may be willing to come make some money. I'll ask and get back with you.
  8. Mom's garden is doing great. She's watering daily, but it's producing like crazy!! Bad part - most of our families are out of town on various trips. So, we have been feeding several families!! They don't mind. That's for sure.
  9. A friend of mine taught with her and said the same things about her. Genuine. Sweet. Caring. She felt that all of her students were blessed to have Mrs. Walls in her life. And, to be honest, I'm glad that they can definitely prove that her estranged husband didn't do it. Mothers will do anything for their children and grandchildren. But, I can't imagine what has been said or done or what she was worried about that pushed her to this. I'm just glad that she had the foresight to get the kids out of the house first.
  10. I can see that - I don't know that he makes the most dynamic first impression. I more know him through years of watching him interact with his kids and their friends.
  11. If you, by chance, have a number and aren't going to race - let me know. I'd like to find up to four numbers. I know - I should have signed up for the lottery. But, I started, got distractd, and forgot to go back and pay. UGH! Just let me know!! My kids (and an extra one) would like to run it if we can.
  12. Judging from what I see in the car-rider line at school, our immigrant population is increasing and our Muslim population is increasing. No problem from me - most Mulims are just like the rest of us - want to worship in peace and live in peace. They really don't care what you're doing with your life unless you impose it on them.
  13. I know Ryan Hale personally through scouts. I like his style and his way of dealing with people. I know that they are a commission based advisor, but that also depends upon the person as well. Not all commission folks are only out for themselves. As for fee only - I'll be watching this. I may have to make some decisions in the future and will need this kind of advice if I decide not to use Ryan.
  14. Thanks. Just waiting on the pictures to upload from the phone. I will contact the shelter. We got him from the Douglas Shelter - he somehow made it from Newton County to Douglas county all the while losting about 15lbs (he was 14 lbs when we got him). There were a couple of large parties in our neighborhood last night so I'm hoping that he is just socializing still and will be headed home soon. !
  15. Our cocker spaniel, Cooper, got out last night. Usually, he comes back pretty quick. He didn't last night. He's a 4 year old all black cocker spaniel with a summer puppy cut - so he doesn't look like a regular cocker spaniel. He has on a black and red collar with his tags - rabies and our name/phone number and a red harness. He was last seen about 9:30 pm last night on the entrance road to Mill Pointe. He's very friendly to women and children. He can be standoffish to men, but he's never shown any aggression. If you see him, please send me a message on here and I'll come get hi
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