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  1. We use East Paulding Pediatrics and have never had an issue with them,except a male doctor once that was just filling in.
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    We did selective (very selective) vaccination with our daughter until 12 months.She's about to turn 5 and hasn't had a vaccine since,and won't.All I can tell you is research,research,research! ETA: Our views on vaccines have nothing to do with fear of autism!
  3. The drugs worked for me because they knocked me out.Not conscious,can't puke!LOL!
  4. I had a girl and had HORRIBLE morning sickness starting at 5wks,until I had her at 40wks!.Had to be rehydrated,and given meds for it,bleh.It got a bit better at 20wks though.It wasn't an 24/7 type of thing anymore after that point.
  5. When we had Comcast,our internet did the same thing.It was ALWAYS going out.And sometimes when it did,it would stay out for a couple of days.I do not miss Comcast AT ALL
  6. I second them.They're great.
  7. My 4 1/2 year old is still in toddler sizes,but just passing the older section worries me about the years to come.If I don't wear shorts that show my butt cheeks,why do I want my child wearing them???And shirts with padding in them,for 6 year olds?No thank you!
  8. Nevermind,we have a guy coming out tomorrow morning
  9. So of course the a/c unit died last night/this morning without warning and the MIL is due in for a visit on tuesday Anyone know of a good (and affordable) repair guy that works weekends?
  10. Aww! My daughter graduated her first year of pre-k on monday.She'd be going in to Kindergarten this fall if she'd been born a month earlier...kinda glad she can still be a "preschooler" for one more year They grow up too fast!Best of wishes for tomorrow!
  11. Yep! We had Sprint when we moved out here in the middle of nowhere and was never able to get any service anywhere close to our house,so we switched to Straight Talk and have had perfect service ever since
  12. But this isn't some random days they're asking people to recall details of,and it's not the first time they're being asked to recall it.How would you not remember it?
  13. We do Straight Talks $45/mn unlimited plan.We can access everything.LOVE it,and have zero issues with it.
  14. I love the Wearhouse!But I can't go back until they stop selling jewelry...my 4 yr old always wants everything piece they have
  15. My daughter will turn 5 in October and will be getting her ears pierced as part of her birthday present.Hubby always said he wanted to wait until she asked to get them done,and she's just started asking.I got mine pierced for my 5th birthday and thought it would be cute to do the same for her!
  16. 3 and 4 years old?! My daughter is 4 years old and I can just imagine how scared she'd be...it breaks my heart!
  17. Our neighbors fence isn't right up against the property line,but we still cut that small space between our line and the fence if he hasn't mowed his yard yet.He mows it if he gets to it first.
  18. I forgot to fill you in on my neighborhood drama...but I think this story beats mine
  19. Me too But I think I'd go broke if I had one so close by,lol
  20. Yes,he was in uniform but she thought he was "just a security guard"...which just goes to show that she's the type that has no respect for any sort of authority to begin with. She got what she deserved.
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