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  1. I have seen a report on this accident and can tell you for a fact that the truck driver had nothing to do with causing the accident. In fact the person who lost their life was not at fault and was actually travelling the other direction. Without going into to much detail, I can tell you that one car clipped the rear of the vehicle in front of them which caused them to veer into the opposite lane and hit a vehicle coming the other direction. This driver than lost control and ran head-on into the 18 wheeler. This is the driver who lost their life. Very sad for all those involved.
  2. From the way the tractor trailer was sitting, looks like someone may have turned left in front of the truck onto Old Harris. Maybe they were too close and the tractor trailer had to swerve to miss hitting them thus flipping the rig over. If so, the poor guy in the maroon SUV was probably a victim of circumstances and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I just hope everyone was OK.
  3. according to a passerby, the owner of the maroon SUV got out alright. Have not heard about the truck driver, but it looked like they had to cut him out. Praying for all of those involved.
  4. The deal for the land fell through. It was actually going to be one of their new Olive Garden/Red Lobster locations
  5. Turn the ball over four times and each time it results in a score for the other team. Really hard to win that way.
  6. So I run up to Dominoes to pick up dinner and get stopped in the parking lot by a lady with a story about her grandmother having a heart attack. She claims she needs gas money to go visit her at Kennestone Hospital. I make it a rule to never give cash to these people because I never know if they are legit or not. I really felt bad for this lady though so I told her after I picked up my pizza, they could follow me across the street to the Chevron and I would put some gas in her car for her. Well when I came out, she was nowhere to be found. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but if ar
  7. There is a new paintball place off oh Dallas Hwy / 120. It is across fronm the Walmart. On your right if you are headed towards Marietta
  8. Pubby, I have a Buddy that flys for Delta but on the side does the quadcopter thing for extra income. Check out their page at... http://theaerialedge.com/
  9. Do you already have two fobs that work for this vehicle? If so, you can "program" the new one yourself. If you only have one fob that is programed already, I would go the dealer route.
  10. Only 4 more days till some beach time!!
  11. Walmart? My Uncle use to use Walmart parking lots on their cross-country trips. Found this on the Walmart site.. RV Parking at Walmart The frequently asked question below is from the Walmart Corporate web site regarding RV parking at Walmart stores. For a directory of Walmart stores nationwide, select this link. For a comprehensive list of Walmart stores where overnight parking is prohibited, select this link. Question Can I park my RV at a Walmart store? Answer While we do not offer electrical service or accommodations typically necessary for RV custome
  12. Nope it was a store like Walmart. They even had a place you pulled around back to and they brought out your groceries to the car for you. I remember shopping there with my Mom ages ago.
  13. We had someone break into our townhome off of Vernoy Aiken road yesterday. Took all our electronics and then took beer out of the fridge (WTF)!! I am pretty sure it is someone who lives in or around the neighborhood, thinking it may be kids since they took beer. Break in occured while I was at work and I work 9 - 5 so I am hoping someone saw something and steps forward. If you hear anything, please post (people like to brag) I would really like my stuff back. Things like this really make me mad, police were called and report taken so if you have ANY information please call
  14. He stopped loving her today. RIP George
  15. Nope, still in same location they have always been in according to the owner.
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