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  1. No, not stupid. How stupid are those arrows? How much time is wasted to the garbage person to walk around and grab the can when we could just make it easier and faster and point the handle towards the street?
  2. Don't offer the mattress. You might not want it back.
  3. This thread is making me want to throw my sweet tea up
  4. They make whole house a/c units that you plug in an outlet and run a vent out a window. Also, invest in those heavy curtains meant to block heat and cold from entering your house. GL and I am so sorry! Our air went out at the end of May in our old house when I was 7 months pregnant and never worked right again.
  5. My youngest and I had to come inside for a couple of hours today they were so bad. I'm planning on a battle with them in the next couple of days.
  6. Rosemary is a great natural repellent and it's pretty. Plant is around your home. Also, CLEAR cups or jars of apple cider vinegar with 4-5 drops of dish washing liquid. Don't mix it. As for on you, skin so soft. Also, they are attracted to liquid, so don't over water.
  7. When you're hurt by a cheating spouse, you will find every ounce of information you can. Knowledge is power.
  8. Do you have one? Have you heard of them? What are your thoughts? If you have a 35 or 50mm lens with a f/1.4 or 1.8, is it worth it? I got a lensbaby today and I can't decide if I like it. Here is a link...Lensbaby
  9. Done. There is a huge lead, lets keep it that way.
  10. ohhhh! Call their investigation dept!
  11. Sorry, the boys and I went up to the barn to check on the water and did some donuts in the driveway. When we were walking in the house, the oldest said, "It's the C word out here." bahahahahaha. I asked him, "did you mean cold?"
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