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  1. Overly sensitive???? Are you kidding me? I don't care what Chris Rock, says. What you said is blatant racism and I'm calling you on it.
  2. Can't back you up on this one! Calling this out for racist bullcrap that is completely unnecessary. I disagree with Obama's political beliefs, not his race. This kind of crap infuriates me just as much and is just as destructive to our country as the craziness in our Federal Govt. You should be ashamed!
  3. Samantha Maxwell in Dallas is also good.
  4. We all better eat as much crow as we can right now because the cost of almost everything is about to sky rocket
  5. I don't know the employee. I don't know any of the details of the situation other than whats been reported. I have been through several types of restraint training at former jobs with special needs children/adults and some of them are very complicated. Especially in dealing with children, it never goes exactly as you are trained and some of those holds are complicated. A misplaced hand could construe an improper hold. For example in one training, when blocking an over-head blow, I did not rotate my arm correctly from side to side and my elbow stuck out. I was told that if my elbow came into contact with the child aggressor's arm or hand (that they were trying to hit me with) it could be construed as offensive on my part instead of defensive. It could be construed as throwing an elbow so I had to make sure I rotated my arms precisely while being struck. I've also had the police called on me years ago when I was restraining a small 8-9 year old boy in the front yard of a group home. It looked like I was abusing the kid to the passerby or neighbor, but I was actually trying desperately to keep him from running into a busy highway when he was in the middle of an emotional crisis and not thinking clearly. I was so GLAD when law enforcement showed up. The other staff member and I were trying our best to maintain legal holds on him, but the sheriff firmly pinned him to the ground in a way that I was not trained to do or physically able to do. (he was not hurting the kid) I also have reported restraints immediately to my supervisors or appropriate authorities whenever they have happened. This employee may or may not have been in the wrong. I don't know. From what I've experienced and seen in the past, I'm not just not quick to judge.
  6. I was asking about the movie studio. Is it also involved in the airshow? I thought that was just the airport.
  7. So two days, 171 views and no replies...so I assume nothing is going on that anyone knows about.
  8. As I was driving home tonight, I saw the smoke and planes over the airport. I just got me thinking about the airport and movie studio. I guess something is at least going on at the airport. Anyone know of anything at the movie studio? Nothing is on their website since about June. Is the Jackie Robinson story the only thing filmed there?
  9. I'm pretty sure I had it 3 years ago. I had been sick with the usual winter virus in about Jan, and kept feeling sickly off and on for weeks, but not really sick. A few weeks later, I got up went to work and started coughing so hard that it gagged me and I threw up...barely made into the restroom. This happened three more times in 15 minutes. I was not nauseated at all. Went to the dr. and all they did was prescibe nausea medicine, even though I told them that the coughing was the cause, not nausea. A few days later, I saw on the news that Cobb was having a large breakout of Whooping cough. I googled the symptoms, and they fit perfectly.
  10. In the course of US History, when has a school been required to provide a student's personal school supplies? The donations are primarily for pencils, paper, notebooks, book bags, etc.
  11. Honestly, I haven't read this whole thread yet, so I may be taking this post out of context. To my knowledge, no one is requiring anyone to provide school supplies even for their own child. Most, even minimally responsible parents, buy the basics of pencils, paper, notebooks, book bag, etc for their children's own personal use at school. (are you really complaining about that????) Some want to, but can not afford it. Many do not think it a priority, for whatever reasons. Some parents, who are financially able, choose to help out the classroom in other ways such as dry erase markers, white paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, pencils, etc. The largest out of pocket cost I have over the course of the year is basic supplies for the students who can not afford it or do not bring it. Yes, I pay taxes on it. I go through thousands of pencils and countless packs of paper, plus folders, book bags, binders.... I do get some donations from parents, some help from PTA and/or front office of the school, but it is not enough to cover the cost when up to 1/3 of your 100+ students are unprepared each day. I am NOT trying to throw a teacher pity party, I'm just stating the fact that if you are NOT buying your child's school supplies, then someone else is and THEY are paying taxes, too.
  12. Not an attack just a difference of opinion --- I don't really understand why a dress on a woman is considered more professional or more "dressy." Dress pants and a blouse are every bit as professional and usually much more practical. Unless someone is truly tied to their desk all day, and depending on the work conditions, a dress could be limit some basic job functions. I think the mindset of women having to wear dresses went out somewhere during the 1970s. For example: I used to have a job that was somewhat tied to a desk. We had a file room and storage room where old files or materials could be hard to reach or require climbing a ladder to get on top of a shelf. If I were wearing a dress, I would have to ask someone else to get some things for me that I could have easily retrieved myself in pants and saved time for both of us.
  13. The start-up was a pain, but I've used it for a year with no big problems. I've had some vm/texts not show up in sequence a couple of times; some sort of weird delay. Had one show up a couple of days later, but does not happen often. I've been happy with it. If you're not trying to transfer an existing phone number, the start-up is easier.
  14. Good for Hondo! Sweet dog, too. He was happy to be loved on during a break from sniffing lockers at the school one day.
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