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  1. Did I read that right, that he passed on his birthday? So sad..
  2. Faves: O Holy Night What Child is This? (Mary J Blige and Andrea Boccelli) Worst EVER: Christmas Shoes
  3. My dad is using Dr. Cooper at Kennestone.. He has done several of my friend's surgeries, and they speak very highly of him.
  4. wow, we live in Ivy Springs and my dd swore she heard gunshots during the night one night this week..
  5. What about Dante's Pizza??? YUMMO!!! Spent many a Friday night there!
  6. Oh this is sad.. I was afraid something would happen to her... she was such a sweet thing. I wonder if her owner let her out, or if she escaped each week.... sad
  7. There is a dog that is at the Grand's every Sunday, I hope it wasn't that one! It's the sweetest thing!
  8. I've been gluten-free since January. There are many gluten-free products in the stores. Those items are more expensive than the same product that contains gluten, but it is worth it. Many restaurants have gluten-free menus, but you have to worry about cross contamination. The only thing that has bothered me off the gluten-free menu was the gluten-free pasta at Maggianno's..didn't work for me. Otherwise, I eat alot of corn products (corn tortillas, corn chips, etc).. I found out that if you go to Wendy's, you can order any of their hamburgers without the bun and they will put them in one o
  9. I am stuck on what to take to my parents house for Christmas. We usually do appetizers, and I am tired of the same old thing.. Any ideas would be appreciated. Oh, by the way, I am all about the semi-homemade recipes!
  10. AGG, I don't think it's the same person. Our "Emory" doesn't work for the SO any longer.
  11. I love it.. I sing it at the top of my lungs when it comes on... DD hates it though!!! of course, she is 14, she hates everything that isn't Justin Bieber or One Direction...
  12. Christmas Shoes Grown up Christmas Wish Do they Know it's Christmas I turn the station when these come on..... My daughter hates Where are you Christmas Dominic the Christmas Donkey
  13. LOL!!! I can just see her doing this!!!!!!
  14. Ok, Ok, I guess I'll let you all off the hook. This was a experiment to see what the response would be. This stemmed from a conversation that me and my friend were having and were TOTALLY kidding!!! I don't even stay home on Halloween, I go to my friends house and we trick or treat there!!! There are some VERY passionate people here on PCOM and I wanted to see the reaction. Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I LOVE HALLOWEEN, and I would NEVER deny children fun and especially CANDY! I was never allowed to trick or treat when I was young and came from a family that thought that Ha
  15. Don't ya just love getting people stirred up about stuff!!!
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