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  1. May i make a post on fb so that my friends that live in that area are aware??
  2. I do not see "mandatory" either, she also said "That could be true, it could have been a secretary or aide who told my friend that" so ya never know, could of been someone(or parent) who thought these were mandatory. I know for kindergarten I asked the office staff if items were mandatory and they told me to talk to the teacher.....NAH, nothing they can do if all items are not sent in.
  3. Agreed.........I have read this entire post and am just......wow.....I dont see required on the original post. Pretty sure back packs and lunch boxes are not community items. As for wipes, as a student teacher, I havent seen teachers use them to clean the boards. They have those dry erase erasers to do so. Tissues, Clorox and baby wipes are for sanity purposes, Id rather supply these then have my child sick.....IF you can help, whats they big deal in sending in extra pencils, folders, crayons ( i said IF)......if you have young children, like me, you probably have a whole lot of extra ones lay
  4. The learning birdge (asp) has a summer camp, cheapest i found. Its a Russom Elem. Different themed weeks. You can pick and chose which ones as long as you do 4 weeks. You can send them part time or full time, price depends on that. Look on thier website for enrollment or i guess you can call 770-693-8386
  5. Everyone always says....well Id do this or do that and my child would do this or that, really you dont know until your in this specific situation........ What makes any of you think the mom hasnt tried (or even) talked with the school board and staff??.......now this kid is labeled a freak, for at least, the rest of high school if not longer. If a family decides to call the media for a way to try (and somewhat) remedy it then so be it. Whatever action is taken NO child deserves this, bullying of any kind is NOT to be tolerated........so far, my understanding is to give stickers out to the chil
  6. Anyone enrolled their child in a summer camp?? If so, where, how much all that good info?? Ive never enrolled little man and am thinking i may this summer...... TIA
  7. If I were you I wouldnt wait....i had attacks, they were the worst pain, woke me up from a dead sleep, throwing up, doubled over in pain, oh my gosh it was miserable. My ex kept telling me id be fine and it would stop.....NOT!!! I had gallstones. Went to er, finally when i kept bugging him to take me, they took it out next day. The pain will only get worse and you wont be able to do anything. It wasnt a bad surgery, yes it hurt afterwards......i messed up and did WAY to much and recovery took a bit longer, but if you watch what you do (dont pick up heavy stuff) it wont take long to recover. Th
  8. hope i dont get in trouble for posting this the way it is, i have NO clue how to do the mylink thing yall do
  9. if this will work?? found on fb from Glenn Burns, pretty interesting read! hope it works let me know.....called sky earthquake thought about this post when i read and saw this link
  10. My husband is going crazy cause i always watch this on the news. he asked how many times we need to hear the same thing?? Yep......me and the youngin with dog and hamster in closet and he will sleep, shower whatever...... last house, on ridge, i lived in was struck by lightning 2ce in 14 months and i have watched tornados (when i was a child in hiram) with my dad....i remember we had just gotten out of school when Hiram Elem was hit by tornado, my mom was pissed cause we had to walk from the bus stop, got us home and put us in closet, so needless to say I dont do well at all during this ki
  11. WOW!! Really?? im on mulbeery rock rd about 1/2 to 1 mile from roses, i cant believe no rain was here!! I cant see good that way, to many trees. I want this to be OVER!!!
  12. em1973

    Health Ins

    actually looked at coventry, yep smoker too, for just me $110 but doesnt pay for tests like MRI, cat scan etc... plus deductible is like 5,570 or something like that...... Deductibles are outrageous!! WOW!!!! i will certainly do that.. and i had no clue about talking to someone other than front desk people...guess ill call around tomorrow many, many thanks to all of you guys!!
  13. OK guys, unfortuntley we have no health ins. Not offered at hubby's company, so...........we really need it, badly. I ended up at ER today, they did xrays on my knee, that has been hurting for over a week swelling, red and black looking...anyhow no fractures thank goodness but....need MRI to see if ligament is torn or stretched. Do any of you know any health insurance we could look at getting?? Gosh everything is so expensive but we HAVE to have it, for health issues of course, but we are gona get fined!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH If you have any suggestions please let me know. TIA all
  14. While i do agree and if you knew me youd know that i am very laid back and normally dont ever say anything.....now i was very nice (at first) both times this happened. Now when i was told it was my fault, well i was not as nice......my friend said he was cussing them out and he got this new phone. He said the number he has is directly to a manager,of course i got someone, all times, that was very hard to understand what they were saying I honestly tried to be nice and tolerant and such.....but i reached a point where it was no longer possible for me
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