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  1. Thanks for the awesome ideas. How do I get to Picketts Mill where the cabin is? Not too familiar with that side of the county ( I live in South Paulding and grew up in Douglasville) and would also be interested in the falls in Rockmart if you could direct me to them.
  2. Hi All, I am looking for places to take my daughters Senior pics and have run out of options. I have used the infamous blue doors, downtown Dallas, the fountain, Stout Park, and high shoals falls. Looking for some pretty scenery to do some additional pics. Please post if you can think of a place around Paulding that I am missing~ Thanks!
  3. Dr. Sharomi is the best!!! I had a 210 pound Mastiff that was a patient of his as well as Chihuahuas. Unfortunately my Mastiff developed bone cancer in his front leg and had to be put down. Dr. Sharomi came to my house for the euthanization and cried along with us. Always always well within reason on charges. Such a great Vet!
  4. I need these for a group home we are starting. Please pm address and I will pick up as soon as weather passes if still available!
  5. Anyone know of a reasonable tutor for High School Advanced Student? Needing help with Creative Writing and SAT prep.
  6. Does anyone happen to have a full size box spring they are wanting to get rid of? My stepson just joined us from OK and I have a mattress and frame, just need the boxspring. Thanks!
  7. Stupid......Stupid....Senseless....stupid.....what happen to the good ole days when you could streak without it ruining your freakin LIFE!
  8. We used King Tux Rentals for my wedding and they were WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!
  9. http://listverse.com/2012/05/04/top-10-deceptively-dangerous-dog-breeds/ I have a 200-lb American Mastiff and an 8 pound Chihuahua - The Chihuahua is definitely the more agressive!
  10. Douglas County has a scared straight program
  11. you are pretty safe with an otterbox. yes its bulky, yes they get dirty, but I have dropped mine a thousand times and ....NOT BROKEN!
  12. There are a couple in my subivision off Sweetwater Church Rd. Sweetwater Downs.
  13. Looking for someone to do a specialty cake with fondant for my daughters sweet 16....any suggestions?
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