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  1. If things really fall apart the only things that will spare you are age and ability...
  2. What would you choose if it came down to starving or taking from someone else? All the preparing for the end isn't going to save you if you can't protect what is yours. One or two people with a gun and bullets won't be enough unless you're so far out in the boonies no one figures out you are there. People will learn to fear or rely on the rednecks if something like this ever happens...
  3. They probably need the traffic it generates from being in the cafe... It also fits their agenda...
  4. Fox has a bias, but no more than any other network. If you say otherwise you are misinformed… I used to listen to NPR but their bias is on the level of MSNBC so I turned it off. You'll find different types of articles on each organizations media. I switch between FOX and CNN when I am looking for the "truth" on political subjects. I think CNN has made a move towards the center in the past few years. They’re still left of center but closer to the center than the other leftist networks. As I stated in another thread... Education is no indication of intelligence. It has been pro
  5. Check your contract and/or bill for a service level agreement. If you don't have one you're getting what you paid for. You can get what you're want but it's going to be considered a business service and cost you a bunch more than you're paying now....
  6. It sounds like you want Dial up internet. If you look around you can probably find some older AOL disks that'll give you some free minutes...
  7. Spent a good amount of time there while in the Military. For the most part people don't understand how good we have it here. They see tourist areas that are kept clean and have most of the amenities we’re used to here and think it is better. What they don’t see are the vast areas full of small houses with multiple generations of family members packed in tight because they can’t afford to leave. Or this single car they all share because expenses are so high. They don’t have to deal with the union shut downs of critical services or attempts to find a place that’s open during lunch or outsi
  8. I disagree to a degree on those two. Race has become more of an issue over the past 4 years and will grow. When interest rates start to rise we're in for some serious pain. We'll get away with it for a few more years...
  9. Our future won't be as bad as our childrens. For the past few years I've been thinking about what needs to be done to give my child the best chance in the future. Haven't come up with the answer yet...
  10. Not sure what there is to be happy about. The train wreck was still going to happen no matter who won this election...
  11. PCHS had no line 15 minutes ago...
  12. Wow... Amazing how far things have fallen... Not that long ago people were suspended and banned for stirring the pot and being offensive. Now we have it being openly instigated. Is this what it takes to keep the page views up?
  13. My kid attended private school for a while and it was a disaster. We’re in public school now and much happier. There are no plans to change but I still support charter schools. There needs to be competition in the market the helps weed out the bad schools/teachers. As it has been stated, there are lots of teachers that shouldn’t be teaching and many others that should have never been let go. Having more options out there for those that should be teaching and putting the spot light on those that shouldn’t is a good thing. If you have to litigate or use seniority to keep a job you are
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