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  1. So what you are saying is that because she is pregnant she should be given a pass for running someone down with her car? Running someone down over a stolen purse is excessive no matter what condition the person is in. Being pregnant is not an excuse. What if she had killed the guy? Would you still feel the same? It was a purse, not worth the possibility of taking someones life, she is lucky that she did not kill the person and her kid ends up visiting mom behind a glass window.
  2. HardwareDJ


    It is actually very easy to understand. The Democrats want a single payer AKA government healthcare system like most other countries have. There was no way they could do that in a single move. So the first move is to make healthcare become something that people think they have a right to and make it the law that you have to have it and have the government subsidize it, thus giving us Obamacare. The Republicans can't just repeal Obamacare and open up the free market because they know the people would never go for that because they have had Obamacare for 8 years now and they would probably g
  3. According to the United States Department of Labor there is no legal requirement to pay double time on Sunday.
  4. Windows 8 has a built in recovery option. In the search box just type in recovery. It is pretty straight forward. Just remember if you do a factory restore it erases everything and makes it like new when you got it so you have to set everything up again and you lose all your files. The other option just refreshes the operating system but does not erase your files but I would back your stuff up anyway.
  5. You did read the article right? The mission was approved by the previous administrator. A White House official said the operation was thoroughly vetted by the previous administration and that the previous defense secretary had signed off on it in January. The raid was delayed for operational reasons, the White House official said.
  6. Because that is when the hoodlums will be released. But then again they will not want to go out in the cold because their balls will freeze with their saggy pants.
  7. Because we all know that they only people who pry on children are the wealthy white males who just happen to all be republicans. The bill as written does allow a under age person to pimp themselves out legally if they wanted to. It should have been worded in a way that still criminalizes under age prostitution when the person willingly engages in it. As it is now a 16 year old could prostitute themselves to trap the wealthy white (republican) males and just walk away scot free.
  8. You would not be saying that if Trump or another Republican had won the majority vote but lost the electoral college. You would be praising the electoral college for doing what it is there to do. Your only mad because your candidate lost. You can't change the rules just because you lost. If we went by majority vote next time and a Republican won but would have lost if we had the electoral college you would want the electoral college back.
  9. Apparently people did not like what the Democrats had to offer either.
  10. Since when has the Liberal crowd had a peaceful protest?
  11. And there we go with the Nazi reference. That did not take as long as I thought it would. One of the things you can always count on a Liberal doing. Race card and Nazis.
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