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  1. jmea

    Tap classes

    Can anyone recommend a good youth beginner tap dance class? Not a combo class, just tap. TIA
  2. Looking for stylist in the west cobb east Paulding area for cut and highlights.
  3. Same here. Apparently, there is a big difference in the lunches this year. Youngest one has always taken lunch except for pizza days, but said the pizza does not taste good anymore so is taking lunch everyday. Even the high schooler has started packing a lunch and snacks.
  4. Wow aren't you just a ray of sunshine! There is not a real estate agent. I was just curious. Have a great day:)
  5. Other than Riverwood, are there any swim/tennis neighborhoods near East Paulding High School?
  6. While there is not a Y in Paulding, there is one in Cobb by Brookstone. They have excellent 5 day camps.
  7. Where is a good, local and reasonable place to get a wristlet corsage?
  8. Where is a good, local and reasonable place to get a wristlet corsage?
  9. jmea


    It's an armored truck. Across the street from Jim and nicks.
  10. Ok, this might be the place the dentist suggested in Atlanta. If you don't mind, I will PM you with a few more specific questions. Thank you!
  11. I am looking for sedation dentistry dental recommendations for a child. We have tried laughing gas without results. Please personal recommendations only. Thank you.
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