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  1. I was just told that! hahaha!!! Im a nerd!
  2. The Wonderful Weather man is calling for rain? Will this be held rain or shine? Carrollton Police announced to cancel already they are holding they're trick or treat on Monday.
  3. There is Police everywhere Anyone know whats going on?
  4. I think my septic tank is either full or clogged I need a reliable person to come and look at it PLEASEEEE I do NOT like 2013 I have had SOOOO many issues in 4 days!!!! ugh <vent>
  5. I got one of these but its too small for me
  6. Bless.ur heart! Good luck to u. Many prayers everything goes well
  7. Thank u I can't give out his name then some people will know who o am lol
  8. Well he arrived!!!! Very stubborn but arrived!!! After I was told we had to do an emergency induction we started the medicine ... I didn't need potocin I was contracting on my own. However, I dilated to a 8 and that was it :(I he was sunny side up then went sideways and wouldn't come out so we had to do a c section I was so upset bit all is well I'm liar exhausted ... thank u all for the advice thoughts ans prayers!! Excuse the grammar errors I can't proof read my phone and I'm on legal drugs lol if someone can help me o can post a pic I just need to know how If someone can help m
  9. After the Dr appt yesterday they admitted me BC of extra fluid... I've been here since 730 last night however no room until 11. They started me on some meds to thin my cervix ans I've been having steady contractions ... I was dilated a 3I at 5the haven't been checked yet. But at 5amthe I got the epidural I couldn't handle the pain and I was simply exhausted and needed to sleep. We will have a baby in a few hours ill keep u posted... Exude the errors if any but my phones small I can't proof read plus I'm kinda feeling rather good at the moment lol Keep praying
  10. Im glad you got to stay home! I couldnt stand staying at the hospital like that for just monitoring... Glad your healthy and your lil sweet lady love is healthy I had irregular contractions (BH) all night yesterday and a few here and there this morning .. I tried to get them regular last night but it wasnt working for me I go to the dr at 330 in hopes that my water breaks when im there lol~ (saves gas and parking too) haha! Im in a much better mood with my patience this morning ive been praying alot, bc its not in my control but Gods and he will allow my lil one to come when h
  11. Well Shoot I thought someone was in Labor lol Im due today! No progress from what I can tell, I go to the Dr tomorrow so we will see. Im really uncomfortable my pelvic bone is killing me .. and im very ill and frustrated lol I really hope for good news bc with lack of sleep and being irritable im exhausted idk if i can go 2 more weeks
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