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  1. So you're in a pissing match with him then, those never turn out well.
  2. So your neighbor is the ass because you either didn't follow the regulations for the shed or didn't bother to check first. How does that make sense?
  3. Maybe it wasn't the drugs and this family has some sort of genetic issue with using a bathtub properly? Perhaps the family doctor should recommend showers in the future? Maybe we should have some PSAs for drug users recommending showers. Bathtubs might be inherently dangerous when hooked on crack, so take a shower instead. Plus a shower is much better in case you vomit. Who wants to wake up in a tub of their own vomit? If you are taking a shower you wake up clean and refreshed and you can just towel off and go buy some more crack.
  4. If bills could be counted electronically to know how much money someone has on them........ why do banks and other places that handle large amounts of bills still use currency counters? Kind of puts a huge hole in that theory, doesn't it?
  5. He's a member of the family and it's as much as his home as it is mine. If people don't like that, then they're not welcome here.
  6. This isn't a case of a child with a toy gun. This was a kid carrying a BB gun that looks like a real gun. The cop reacted in the way he trained to do. That is to protect others and himself. Which is what he swore to do when he became a police officer. He was doing exactly what he was supposed to do, that is to protect the public and himself. It doesn't matter if it was a 12 year old, 22 year old or 92 year old. Each one of them is capable of pulling the trigger on a gun and killing someone. Which is what the situation presented itself as. A person with a gun in a public place where there a
  7. OMG!!! That is my favorite Simpson's episode!
  8. I'm assuming you're not a man. Therefore you have no valid opinions on the subject where one is accused of rape.
  9. Oh Noes!!!!! Let the panic begin!!! Yeah.... some people have as much sense as this idiot.
  10. I have to agree with Nice Green, I have signatures turned off and I can see her promotional signature. So she could have removed it. In regards to the topic, I had no idea who it was about until I clicked on another post. I could have helped out with a truck and trailer yesterday, but didn't know it was Surepip.
  11. No one's mentioned the "Decker Unit" yet?
  12. True (almost true) Pozole should be made with pork. My mom makes it for us, it awesome. Her mom wouldn't eat it.She wouldn't eat it because she was full blooded Aztec. The Aztecs made pozole to celebrate the harvest for the Aztecs. They believed that Masa (corn) was sacred, and that man (Aztecs) were created from Masa. And they would use long pork or human sacrifices for the meat. When the Spaniards appeared, this was frowned upon. So pork was substituted for human flesh. My grandmother knew the history, so that's why she wouldn't eat it. Pork was used since it apparently is supposed to ta
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