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  1. Here's a thought..keep you nose, mouth and hands clean..
  2. CVS is a pain in the arse !!! Dallas location 30 freakin' min!!!!!!!!!!!! Before it's said... I was in my PJ's doing an errand for my father.
  3. Not gun shots. Drug bust. I don't know what they call it. Tear gas grenade shot?? It was a nice alarm to wake my kids up
  4. I use both brown and white. Stick of butter 2/3 cup of milk One cup flour 1/2 cup of white an brown sugar. Pinch of baking soda Melt one stick of butter, then add peaches. Mix dry ingredients Add milk. Pour over peaches. Oven 350 Cook for about 30-40 min
  5. I have little ones and the family is celebrating the 4th. Does anybody know of any? Taylor Farms canceled theirs tonight.
  6. My father has worked at Plant Bowen for 40 years. When he called me at 4:15 today from the Tool Room to say he was okay and what happened and from the sound of his voice I will never forget.
  7. Tell Charles he can thank me when he starts selling boiled peanuts again! O.M.G it's sooooo good. I will go by there to just buy the ranch!
  8. Love Happy Hawg. Their Ranch dressing is awesome!! Their ribs are so tender. Their Hickory Potato is HUGE! Of.course we have been to every store Charles has owned/ worked! Even drove to Daytona!!
  9. My two year old said sheeze yesterday. Now, I know I must watch what I say. I say that word when I mess up or drop something.
  10. Janet Jackson New Kids On The Block Michael Jackson
  11. Looking for a 3 br and 2 BA house. Not in a subdivision. Less than $700.00 a month rent. Pet friendly too. Thanks!!
  12. This is the first Christmas without my pawpaw (father side) and for my father it’s the first Christmas without his daddy. My daddy has been running 24/7 for the past few months so he could not think about it. It actually hit him the other day when him and his sister was settling the estate. Not only were they father and son, they were friends. They ate out every Sunday afternoon. They talked each night at 8:00pm SHARP. I pray that my daddy will be strong enough but I'll never see him break. Rest In Peace Pawpaw, Maw maw, Michael, Me maw, Grandmother, Pawpaw Black and Nick.....Merry Chr
  13. Now, I wonder how Dallas will go on
  14. To the OWNERS. My daughter and I ate there today for the first time. She had the number 1 and I had the number 8. The chicken was delicious but the fries were horrible. I do believe they have been sitting under the heat lamp for hours. Do not serve fries or whatever that have been sitting there for a long time. Freshness goes a long way.
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