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  1. Maybe they just want to let EVERYONE know and not have to keep telling it / reliving it over and over again for months to come. I know when my uncle passed away, I didn't have contact info for alot of my cousins and therefore it was easier to post the info on facebook so that I wouldn't forget anyone, since I am freinds with at least 1 cousin from each branch of the family that could get the word out. Insensitive? I didn't think so but to some it might have been.
  2. Rain, Rain go away, and DON'T come back for awhile Here is where we stand on the new house :
  3. sorry, the smaller ones are a varitey of Hibscus I do believe
  4. stargazer lily....they are my favorite
  5. saw a sign for this place on my way to work in Kennesaw college hunks hauling junk
  6. I will admit that I have thought about sending my kids to the program, just for the homework help! LOL. I know of a home daycare that is in the roberts district where they would be able to ride the bus there if you need to go that route, and NO it's not me either.
  7. We LOVE Roberts elementary. My oldest went k-5 thru Roberts, my middle is in 4th and has been at Roberts since Kindergarten, and my youngest is in 2nd at Roberts. We are wanting to move, but are having difficulty finding what we want in ROBERTS district, because we don't want to change. I know most of the staff and I can't speak highly enough about the administration and teachers at the school. Since the after school care program is no longer operated by the school, I don't know what the changes are. But this is what I do know: you can no longer have drop in days. You have to have
  8. I need to clear out some inventory so that we can get our house ready to be listed 'for sale'. Sale will run until March 31, 2013....15% off your total IN STOCK purchase. Items in stock are: Aprons, tote bags, duffle bags, T-shirts, scarves, hair bows,flip flops, lunch totes, cosmetic bags, raiders hoodies, sweatpants & T-shirts, jewelry, cell phone cases, key chains, bag tags, license plates, puzzles, frames, clocks, coffee mugs, and SO MUCH MORE!!! All items can be personalized with embroidery, prints, pictures, rhinestones, or vinyl. Call, text, email, or im ! Email
  9. this is hilarious! LOVE IT!!!
  10. My daughter texted me and said hardly anyone is at school today. They have 3 in custody and are tracking down the others. The police are roaming the halls. She said it was 2 groups of kids involved in the dispute.
  11. What was the story? I haven't heard anything other that what's in this thread. Curious minds want to know...
  12. Exactly, it's an entirely different world our kids are dealing with today. With the internet and all the social media's, kids are being bombarded with everything. Dana, I agree with you, communication is key! I didn't know about the situation until I was dropping my daughter off this morning and commented on the presence of the police. She then told me about the "rumor" going around. She told me it was probably some stupid kid wanting attention. She also said she wasn't worried, because she knew the school was handling the situtation and knew she would be safe today at school. I agr
  13. it's just teens being teens. Our child goes to east and we have 2 more that will go to east. We love the area we are in, so much that we want our new home to be in the east / roberts school district. There are people who will bash anything and everything. But personally, we have no issues with the schools, and I am very proud of the way this issue was handled.
  14. these are 2 buildable lots, we want both so that we can have an upper and lower driveway, not because of position of the house. With only one of the lots, it would not be possible to have a driveway on both sides of the house.
  15. email I received from principal of East: Good morning. Late last evening the school district was notified by the Paulding County Sheriff’s Department that there were a series of exchanges posted through social media involving East Paulding High School. In the overnight hours the sheriff’s department investigated the situation. This morning the sheriff’s department along with school and district personnel identified the primary individuals involved and the situation is contained and secure at this time. We will continue to have a strong presence on campus throughout the day. East Paulding
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