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  1. A friend of mines car got broken into around the same time at either K-mart or target, she isn't sure which place but either way so scary, I pray they catch them.
  2. My favorite photo spot! I just took my daughters 12 months pictures there. <3
  3. I'm still doing that, it's hard for me to believe it, i mean that's my little baby that was in my belly, now she is trying to walk and talk and be all grown up! lol.
  4. Thank you so much! and she finally has enough hair for me to put up in a bow! she has the prettiest hair color ever.
  5. Awwwh! Happy 1st birthday to him <3 and very true, i did not know if i should start crying or be happy, just yesterday i felt her kicking in my tummy.
  6. LOL! Trust me, i know , should of cut my face out. Me either! It went by WAY to fast, I still haven't caught up, and thank yous
  7. My little heart and soul turned one years old May 28th 2012 <3 She has gave me 1 whole year of love, happiness, joy, giggles, and many many more years to come, i love my precious angel! <3 Just wanted to share how fast she has grown.
  8. I agree, I live right here in down town and it's just lightening and lots of strong wind, I am not a fan of storms.
  9. Just heard it! right here in down town Dallas, now i cant sleep, urgh.
  10. I had mono when i was 15 from sharing a ICEE with a friend, i actually had it for 6 months without knowing it...i had like side pains for a long long time and had no idea why but the doctor said it was from mono, than my throat...oh Lord most painful thing ever, and on top of it, there is no cure so i had to suffer for about another month and wasn't allowed or supposed to get out of bed to much, mono is evil. I hope she feels better soon!
  11. I agree with Mei lan as well, But it's good to have this to see who to avoid, thank you for posting!
  12. Sending your family hugs and prayers, I went through this with my first pregnancy with my daughter because my blood type is RH negative, i went to the emergency room due to horrible cramping when i was 5-6 weeks pregnant, and they told me they were going to give me a Rohgram (spelling?) shot for my blood type and that i could still miscarry my baby, i was so angry that they tried to put a lifespan on my child, i prayed and prayed and after i knew it i was at my 8 week ultrasound and the doctor was telling me how strong and how happy my baby sounded, i will be praying for you, your sweet baby and your family. <3
  13. I live right here in down town Dallas, it's starting here, very windy, thundering and light rain, but big drops.
  14. D'awwwh, she is beyond beautiful! <3
  15. A first birthday party in Paulding county, I cant make up my mind and i only have a month to find somewhere/decide. Any ideas? Thank you!!
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