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  1. Do you mean LGD? (Of course one could also go with JEB.)
  2. Acupuncture is supposed to be good for allergies, too.
  3. I guess the left doesn't need them anymore. (I love the end date ... April 1.)
  4. We've already had a good bit of helicopter and small plane traffic over our house, even before the airport.
  5. Or the "Will They Close School" thread(s)?
  6. little dusting of snow on the deck rail
  7. I wish somebody would explain to me how that makes any sense. I've never understood how a baby can count for HOV.
  8. Just wanted to help get the word out ... Saturday June 19 is the 6th Annual Blake Gammill Run/Walk. Registration and more details available ... here.
  9. J names for boys (I only included J names because it looks like you've already got a bunch of Cs.)
  10. There's another name that many use ... it was also the title of a James Bond flick about 27 years ago.
  11. According to the Nixle from Paulding S.O, he wasn't following buses.
  12. I noticed that, too. Not sure if they lowered it or if I remember it incorrectly. No question, it said $3.49 this week.
  13. Bumping this thread as a reminder ... great lunch or dinner ... better get out there sooner rather than later, though. Smyrna United Methodist Church on Buchanan Hwy.
  14. There's a lot of love and attention involved in that Q ... good stuff! And because they have a lot of stuff going on, they don't have as much this time. Fully expecting to be sold out by 4. Get it early and get it hot. Good, good stuff.
  15. link to article And here's another article.
  16. A really bad one. C. All of the above.
  17. Agreed but there are many places in this country where the people have no direct say in their judges ... pay attention, folks. Cast your votes wisely. If there was no real issue of illness not taken seriously (and I really haven't researched this case yet), then ok ... but if it was just a whiner that didn't like being no, it is the pits.
  18. Aside from that being a very different scenario, you're also missing the point ... this new policy was put into place after a lost lawsuit. It would be irresponsible of them to ignore that giant sign and continue to risk taxpayer money. If you really feel you can win that lawsuit, take it to court. The policy wasn't pulled out of somebody's butt ... it was because of a lawsuit verdict. Take issue with the judges and lawyers and the rest of the system, not the folks that have to respond to what comes from those decisions. Although, I just reread it and it seems you kind of taking
  19. Unfortunately, when it comes to government agencies, that is not an option. They would open themselves up to many more lawsuits based on discrimination. Who decides what scents are too strong or objectionable? I don't agree with it ... just understand it. Hadit been up to me, I would have thrown the suit out and told all parties to act like grown ups and work it out. That's not what happens this day and age and this new policy is based on a successful lawsuit. Period. Seems to me that, based on that successful lawsuit, it is the smart course of action that will protect taxpayer mon
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