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  1. I tried sending you a PM and it said you couldn't receive any.
  2. I know that I am not a teacher so I do not see it on a daily basis but I have seen how much kids "wilt" through the day they already have. Adding another hour to each day is going to be rough. Funny, I seem to recall a lot of folks here having a schnit fit when Obama suggested that our kids should have longer days. Granted, he wanted longer days for 5 days but many of the arguments were over the length of the day issue. In the end, there is absolutely no way to make everyone happy. Times are very ugly in many areas and those that are in power are doing what they can to meet the
  3. The schools do cover some of the expense but I know it isn't a lot. My point is, when we start making changes that are not the best for our kids, we should have tried the other things first. You don't cut back on a diabetic's sugar by taking away some of the cake but leaving all of the icing. I'm certainly not suggesting that these programs aren't good for our kids but they are extras. they are not the basics of education.
  4. I couldn't find a web page for them, either. Next time I'm up there I'll get another sheet and scan it.
  5. No, those are not extracurricular. Extracurricular activities are things like sports, drama, and debate and social clubs. Not necessarily as big a savings as cutting the week to 4 days but still things that I think should be given up before such a move.
  6. I don't know where I put the sheet but I think it's like 140-something. I'd love to split with a few folks. Don't try going on the weekend, they aren't open Saturday or Sunday. What I got for now was a bag (like a bag of flour) of the complete mix, just add buttermilk. Doesn't take up much space and it makes a ton of really good biscuits.
  7. It's nowhere near as bad as the AXE commercials.
  8. What did you get? I got some of the "old fashioned" biscuit mix. I didn't get the frozen biscuits because I don't have room for that many in my freezer. Might need to go in on them with a few folks.
  9. Finally got some. (They were sold out when I tried on Friday.) These things are wonderful! You get the complete breast, both sides, as one big piece. I did a little trimming to get them the way I like them but it didn't take much. I know where I'm getting all of my chicken breast meat from now on. $1.50/pound ... you just can't beat that.
  10. Sorry ... I took the "Let It Snow" sign down after the last snow. We're done until next winter.
  11. I sure hope they don't ... not unless it is a last resort. I would much rather see extracurricular activities cut before they shorten the school week.
  12. They would save on bus expenses, before and after school activities, food prep, etc.
  13. Haralson is one of the counties that is in very real financial trouble so I am not at all surprised by this. I feel for the families that now have to figure out what to do with their little ones that extra day each week.
  14. He's only just starting Clancy books. He was a huge Dean Koontz fan but there's nothing left for him to read ... he's been through them all. It's been hard to find another author that he likes.
  15. From what I found last night, looks like there are 7. His level of involvement in 5 of the books is unclear. I'm guessing my husband will end up getting into all of the books as he gets to know the Jack Ryan character better through reading the John Clark books.
  16. She was in movies ... so was Bea Arthur, though not as much.
  17. And Patrick Swayze. (Or did I blink and miss him?)
  18. Ok, let me try this ... what about books with Clark as the main character but Ryan still is in the books? Nevermind ... just found the list. Clear and Present Danger (1989) The Sum of All Fears (1991) Without Remorse (1993) Debt of Honor (1994) Executive Orders (1996) Rainbow Six (1998) The Bear and the Dragon (2000) Thanks, MD.
  19. What books feature John Clark, not Jack Ryan, and in what order did they come out?
  20. If it were part of a standard gift registry I wouldn't have an issue with it ... but yeah, sending out an invite to people to donate cash to a gift card is like saying "all I want from you is your money."
  21. Of the three grocery stores listed, Kroger is the cheapest.
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