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  1. Is it Tuesday, the 27th, or Thursday, the 29th?
  2. Please do keep us posted. I bought some online - 10 pounds - to use to treat carpet and pets for fleas. I also read about the health benefits but haven't actually tried any of it yet. I like the yogurt idea. Since you have to keep mixing it in the liquids, it seems like yogurt might work better.
  3. Not at all! Thanks for pointing it out though. My heart hurts for them.
  4. Probably is the same. I did a quick search and didn't see anything posted. I really wanted prayers to go up for this family, so I started at topic. They can be merged.
  5. I just heard on WSB Radio that an almost one year old infant near Dallas was found non-responsive. There appeared to be no sign of trauma. I wanted to put this out there so all of you loving and praying folks could remember this family. I'm an aunt. No children of my own. I have 11, 10 and 6 year old nephews, 1 year old niece, and 2 on the way (twins). But I call them "my babies" - and love them all so much. I can't imagine their pain - whomever they are and for their baby.
  6. Someone has another topic out about human usage for this, but I recently was told about Diatomaceous Earth - Food grade. Several folks claim it works great on Fleas, Ants, Roaches, and other insects. It is not chemical, is safe for pets, livestock, and humans. It kills them physically, not chemically - so they can't become immune to it. I have bought it but not used it yet. Some other P'Com folks claim it works. Maybe some will respond here.
  7. I just bought a 10lb bag online that arrived yesterday. We thought there was a bad flea issue on a pet, but it was more dirt than bugs (he gets it on him during potty breaks outside). I bought the food grade because of some of the claims online for human benefits, but didn't try any this morning. If only 1/2 of what they claim is true, it's an amazing product.
  8. I heard the end of a Kroger 4-day Sale commercial on the radio. Of course, I didn't hear what items were on sale. Has anyone been yet or know what the specials are thru Saturday?
  9. I talked to the ADT rep today and we're gonna meet to go over a plan for me. YEA! After this topic and some of the information shared by you all, I'm looking forward to it. I'll pass his info on to anyone else that is interested.
  10. Good point. Safety matters - and maybe that would deter someone. My BIL thought they did a good job. He told me he'd get me to the person he worked with if I wanted to use the same person. I'll get their contact info, if anyone else wants it, just let me know. I know I think about security more and more lately.
  11. With the recent notice about car break-ins, I was wondering how many of you have home security systems? I've been thinking about getting one as I am not at home as much in the summer it seems. I think many people are away more because of the longer sunlight/daytime, or summer travel. My BIL recently had ADT installed. He said they did a good job (not those knock-offs that were going around, but someone from the actualy company).
  12. Well I have to vote that Beckett lives, or else what would next season be? But the ending was CRAZY!!!!!! I was okay with Montgemory storyline. It kind of made sense I guess.
  13. Several posts here say how the poster feels if "The Republicans" make Newt their nominee. My issue here is the same as with people that say the local Republicans choose the nominee. Any one of us that qualifies (let's not get into a birther discussion here) can run for office. It is the PEOPLE that go to the polls and actually VOTE that determine a nominee, NOT the political party (either Democratic or Republican). Of course, the real shame is that so few people actually go let their voices be heard. I sure hope everyone on hear with an opinion casts a vote in the PRIMARY electi
  14. My BIL works for ADT security. He is a in-home sales rep, but normally they schedule appointments based on calls they've made or referrals. He is really with ADT - the real thing, not subcontractors harassing folks without some type of "lead" in which to contact you. I haven't talked with im in great detail about the security systems, but I know they have trained techs in the area and their own ADT employeed installation teams. If anyone actually needs a system, I can put you in contact with him. I totally agree to beware of the unsolicited knock on the door. I hate it that
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